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Parcel forwarding solutions that are custom-tailored to your needs

A woman happily receiving a package from a US store, delivered via international shipping

Embrace Global Shopping Freedom

Discover Savings at Leading US Retailers

Explore a world of shopping possibilities with top brands from prominent retailers such as Amazon, Nordstrom, AloYoga, Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter, and thousands more. Experience the exclusive selections only available in the United States, right at your fingertips.
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Stress-Free Shopping Experience

Enjoy US Sales-Tax Exemption

As the sole company in our industry offering tax-free services, Forwardme empowers our vast membership to purchase items without the burden of sales tax. Experience unparalleled savings and convenience with us.
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Access 24/7 Dedicated Support

Seamless Shipping & Expertise

Benefit from our swift and secure shipping solutions, backed by the knowledge of an industry leader and unparalleled member assistance. With Forwardme, you can trust that your packages are in good hands around the clock.
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Streamlined Consolidation Solutions

Optimize Your Shipping Weight

Maximize your savings with Forwardme's package consolidation service by expertly combining your purchases into a single shipment, eliminating the need for multiple, costly individual deliveries.
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Diverse Shipping Partners

Benefit from Discounted Carrier Rates

Leverage our substantial shipping volume and established relationships with top carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS. At Forward.me, we pass on the advantage of lower rates directly to you, ensuring cost-effective delivery solutions.
Men diligently packing and preparing shipping boxes for international delivery from the US

Meticulous Repacking Solutions

Experience Premium Packaging

Trust in Forward.me's hand-packed and thoroughly inspected shipments, ensuring the safety and security of your items. Our team also eliminates excess packing materials to reduce costs, delivering a superior packaging experience tailored to your needs.
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Exclusive Shopping Perks

Unlock Deals & Coupons from Top US Stores

Take advantage of exclusive savings through our online deals portal and social media updates, providing you with access to the best promotions and discounts from renowned US retailers. Elevate your shopping experience with Forwardme.
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Tailored Shopping Assistance

Experience Personal Shopper Service

Effortlessly acquire your favorite items from the USA through our one-stop checkout solution! Browse and add products from multiple stores to your personal shopper cart, and let us handle the checkout process for you. Enjoy a seamless shopping experience with Forwardme.
An operation guy is preparing paperworks for international shipping order

Expert Customs Support

Simplify Your Export Paperwork

Rely on Forwardme's specialized expertise in handling export documentation, setting us apart from the competition. Our knowledgeable team ensures the safe and compliant shipping of your products, providing you with a hassle-free experience.