The Effortless Style: Anthropologie

by Forwardme·Jul 7, 2021
The Effortless Style: Anthropologie

Anthropologie is a home and wellness store that President Dick Hayne founded. When Hayne moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia, he noticed a lack of shopping options available for his niche and the niches of his friends. He wanted a store that allowed her to dive into his creative side and build a lifestyle brand that catered to women ages 30-45. Majoring in Anthropology, Haynes named his brand after his major and opened his doors in 1992 in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Today, he has over 200 stores nationwide.

Anthropologie offers a wide range of products, including women’s apparel, intimates, home furniture, decor, beauty, and gifts. They cater to lifestyles that center around soft and delicate; boho chic; effortless cool; elegant classic; and modern sporty.

Popular Products

Popular Products of Anthropologie

Anthropologie sells a wide range of products, depending on what you’re looking for. Their clothing section runs from petite to plus and offers dresses, shirts, bathing suits, shorts, and more. You can even buy shoes from them. Some stores have a wedding section where brides can find their dresses or dresses for their bridesmaids to take it up a notch. To stay even more trendy, the company sells accessories like jewelry and purses to go with your outfits.

Popular products of Anthropologie  for Home Decor

You can find anything from art to bathroom supplies to curtains to home office supplies to mirrors, lighting, and rugs in their home and furniture section. You can even spice your home up with a new bedding set or candles that match the mood you’re in.

Popular products of Anthropologie  for Beauty

Their beauty and wellness section offers everything you need for a spa day at home. Find hair care supplies, bath and body soaps or lotions, plus makeup, perfume, and nail supplies. If you love working out, they have various excellent pieces of workout gear to wear to your next spin class or yoga retreat.

Popular products of Anthropologie  for Beauty and decor

Lastly, there are a wide variety of gift options that can cater to anyone in your life. These gifts come in a range of categories, including home items, prices, top-rated options, and more. You can even make your own registry with Anthropologie.

Do they have sales? 

Both in-store and online, you can find a tremendous sale section for Anthropologie. The sale items can range from clothing to accessories and even home furniture that needs to be moved to make room for the newest inventory coming in. Most sale items are already heavily discounted, but online you can also expect to get an additional 25 percent off. The website has a helpful section for consumers looking to stay within a budget that allows you to stick to whatever price range you want.

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