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Back to school 2023: US shopping guide for essentials

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The annual back-to-school rush is upon us. And while local shopping options might be the norm, many are discovering the advantages of looking beyond borders. If you've yet to experience the joy and benefits of shopping from the US, then this is the year to dive in. Forwardme is here to guide you on this exciting journey to ensure that your school shopping isn't just about ticking items off a list but an experience in itself.

Benefits of shopping from US stores

The US market is a treasure trove when it comes to school shopping. Firstly, the wide variety on offer is unmatched. Whether you're searching for specific art supplies, a laptop with particular specifications, or sports gear for that extracurricular activity, US stores have you covered. And it's not just about variety. When you shop from the US, you're also guaranteed top-notch quality, particularly with brands renowned globally for their excellence.

Discount hunters will be thrilled with the discounts and deals available, especially during the US shopping sale seasons, such as the back-to-school sales. These events offer a golden opportunity to make significant savings. Lastly, for those keen on keeping up with the latest trends and styles, US stores are often the first to stock new, in-demand products. So, you can be sure that you're not only getting the best in quality but also style.

Where to Shop?

If you're wondering where to begin your shopping spree, the US has a plethora of online platforms to cater to every school's needs. Amazon stands out for its vast variety, with user reviews often guiding purchase decisions. Walmart, a household name, is known for offering quality items at wallet-friendly prices, making it a top choice for budget-friendly back-to-school supplies.

For those with tech needs, Best Buy is a haven for the latest gadgets. And if you're focusing specifically on school and office supplies, Staples is a dedicated platform that won't disappoint. And when summer comes around, and you're pondering where to shop for summer from the US, these platforms, among others, will have seasonal offerings to suit your needs.

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Essential School Supplies to Consider

When it comes to gearing up for a new school year, some supplies are universally crucial, no matter where in the world you're studying. However, the charm of shopping internationally adds a dimension of quality and variety to your essentials list. A sturdy and ergonomic backpack is fundamental. It's not just about carrying books but ensuring they're carried comfortably, reducing strain, and ensuring longevity. Moreover, with the US market's variety, there are numerous designs and functionalities to choose from, suitable for all ages and preferences.

Stationery, though basic, forms the core of school requirements. From diverse types of pens, multifunctional notebooks to specialized art supplies, the US offers products that combine functionality with style. In our tech-driven era, gadgets have evolved from mere luxuries to essential tools for learning. Devices like laptops, tablets, and quality headphones can make all the difference in a student's academic journey. And shopping internationally from US stores assures you get cutting-edge technology tailored for optimal educational experiences.

Lastly, apparel. Beyond just regular classroom attire, there's sportswear, lab coats, or even specialized footwear. Acquiring these from US brands ensures you're not only comfortable but also in tune with the latest styles and trends. By choosing to shop internationally for these school necessities, students and parents can ensure they're well-prepared and set for success.

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Introducing Forwardme

For those unfamiliar, Forwardme isn't just another name in the shipping industry. We're a transformative service reshaping the way people shop from the US and ship internationally. When you sign up with us, you receive a free US address. This isn't just any address but a tax-free address in the United States. You can purchase from any US-based online store and have it delivered to this address, and we handle the international shipping intricacies, ensuring your products reach you promptly and safely.

But why Forwardme? The benefits are numerous. Spanning services across more than 220 countries, we pride ourselves on affordability without compromising on quality. In essence, we bridge the gap between your desire to shop from top US brands and the practicality of getting these items to your doorstep, wherever you might be.

Making the Most of Your US Shopping Experience

To truly capitalize on your US shopping adventure, a few tips come in handy. Taking advantage of tax-free shopping is a perk that comes with your free US address provided by Forwardme. You're not just saving on the items but on the tax as well. Timing your shopping to align with back-to-school US sales events can also lead to significant savings. But while chasing deals, it's crucial to have a clear budget for your back-to-school shopping in 2023. Setting a budget ensures you get all your necessities without overspending. Starting with a detailed list based on school requirements can help streamline this process.

So, are you ready to take your back-to-school shopping to the next level? Embrace the multitude of opportunities when you shop from the US. With Forwardme by your side, each step is simplified. Dive into the vast world of US shopping today, and let Forwardme be your trusted companion on this journey. Why limit yourself when the best in-school essentials are just a click away?

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