·Nov 3, 2020

Black Friday 2020: Unleash the Savings!

Shopping for Black Friday 2020?

We all have some bargain-hunter spirit, and nothing satisfies that more than sales events. We're all for it, whether it's a giveaway on Instagram or a discount at a local store.

Two of the biggest sales events that happen every year are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and they’re coming up very soon.

Black Friday

Perhaps the best way to describe Black Friday is by calling it a busy day—a very busy day. Shoppers are rallying both online and offline, filling up their carts with great products that are highly discounted.

As of 2019, there were 93.2 million online shoppers on Black Friday. Over half of all sales (54.9%) were accounted for by Amazon and about 2.9 billion dollars' worth of sales happen through mobile devices.

Why are these statistics relevant?

Four words: online, Amazon, and mobile devices.

There's a pattern there if you can connect the dots.

Black Friday 2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected a lot of people this year, Black Friday promises to be just as big as it has always been.

Normally the holiday sales season won't start till November 27th, yet most stores are already rolling out the Black Friday sales.

For instance, Amazon has started offering Black Friday sales so you can get a head start. You can even find some amazing deals on Walmart or Target for early deal finders!

In case you’re wondering why a heads-up is even necessary, Black Friday sales are always crazy.

Everyone's trying to get in on the action. If you waste too much time with an item in your cart, chances are it's going to get snatched up before you are ready to pay.

Your best bet is to start shopping now.

Here's How You Can Make the Best of This Coming Black Friday

1. Use gift cards

You’ve got to be strategic here so you can save a lot. Try to go for the gift cards that are on sale or buy discounted gift cards. Be sure to do this before Black Friday. That way, you can have them ready. Once Black Friday rolls around, you just make your purchases and input your voucher code to pay.

2. Maximize your mobile phone

Mobile phones make it much easier for people to do some online shopping on the go. You can download apps for various online platforms to make your shopping experience better and more rewarding.

For instance, Amazon often adds a “Watch this deal” button for extra deals only available on their mobile apps. With mobile apps, you’re likely to get a few voucher codes or even more discounts.

3. Do thorough research

Do more than just keep an eye out for the best deals. It’s Black Friday, and you want to save as much money as you can. Check out the ads, coupons, and more. Also, try to get in on the action early. There are always some discounts for the early birds, so be an early bird!

4. Maximize your shopping

Tailor this to whatever platform you're using. You can sign up for “Deal of the Day” emails so you get notified of the best deals. On Amazon, check the “Today's Deal” page for daily lightning deals.

Here's an excellent deal on Amazon

  • Save $503 on this LG Alexa OLED TV. It one of Amazon's top picks. With 25% off, it's a pretty good deal!
  • Also, you can get $20 off on this Keurig K-Duo Essential Coffee Maker on Walmart.

Cyber Monday

So, it goes like this: Black Friday is on the 27th of November, and Cyber Monday is on the 30th of November.

Cyber Monday is extremely important because it's often the last chance people have to buy gifts at great prices before Christmas.

It's pretty normal for people, especially last-minute buyers, to shop on Cyber Monday and still have shipping delays with how crazy the season gets.

All the retail giants and even small businesses host Cyber Monday.

What began as an online version of Black Friday, Cyber Monday has grown tremendously. Last year, it recorded a huge \$9.4 billion surpassing both Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day.

That's a testament to how big this event can get.

Expect to get great deals on AmazonTargetBest BuyWalmart, and more.

We've got a few tips on how you can maximize this experience

1. Start early

Just because it's the last big sales event of the year doesn't mean you have to start late. It helps that, just like on Black Friday, most retailers start rolling out Cyber Monday deals early in the season.

2. Collect coupons

The best thing about couponing on Cyber Monday is that most retailers allow for stacking. That way, you can use more than one coupon on an offer. Just imagine how much you can save with this method.

Compare prices

There are tons of comparison sites out there. With this, you're sure of getting the best price and saving.

Search for discounts

You can search platforms such as Amazon or other retail sites for possible discounts. You can even go further and check your credit card for companion discounts.

Pro-tip: For both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can use the options listed above for either one. The same principles apply.

Let's share a few select Cyber Monday deals with you.

Amazon Echo Dot for 2020 Black Friday

Save 53% when you buy the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation from Best Buy on Cyber Monday.

Beats Solo Pro Wireless headphone

Save $99.96 USD on a Beats Solo Pro Wireless noise-canceling headphone by getting it from Amazon on Cyber Monday.

International shipping from the USA on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

These events are great. But you know what’s not so great? International shipping.

The travel restrictions due to the coronavirus don't make it any better. Shipping times and fees can go up, taking away from the essence of these events—saving money.

Here’s what you can do you

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What's more? With consolidated shipping, you can shop from different platforms and have everything added to one package that will be shipped to you at once.

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