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International ShippingNovember 22, 2022

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The weather is turning cooler, and nothing beats coming home, crawling under a comforter blanket, and snuggling down. You want to make sure you find the right blanket whether it is a blanket for fall, autumn, or winter. One that keeps you warm and can last a long time. A blanket that is universal is the ultimate find because you can add it to a couch, bed, or chair, and it will look amazing but keep you warm at the same time.

We’ll dive into where you can find the best comforter blankets or if you should create your own instead. With the help of ForwardMe, you can quickly get the below blankets shipped to you without the hassle. ForwardMe is a forwarding service where you can shop via a forwarder and have it promptly and efficiently delivered to your door.

Fleece Blanket 

A fleece is super soft and one you want to snuggle with all day. The velvet texture is comforting and great for the fall and winter months when you want to be warm and toasty. These can come in various sizes, from twin to extra-large king. 

One of our favorites is the L.L. Bean Wicked Cozy Blanket. The fleece has a luxurious feeling, and although it will keep you warm, you won’t get sweaty. The best part is you have two options. You can use their light version if you want a less bulky version. You can find the Wicked Cozy Blanket on L.L. Bean’s website. 

DIY fleece blankets are great for gifts or keeping for yourself. They are incredibly easy to make and not too expensive. These homemade blankets can be done with a tie no sew option or a braided edge. You can find the pattern online by Googling what you’re looking for. 


A quilt is an old favorite. Quilts don’t tend to run soft and fluffy, instead offering a rippled texture feeling and a bulky size. Most quilts are heavy and are guaranteed to keep you warm. The best part about quilts is that you can make them yourself and choose your designs and patterns. Quilts are a great DIY option and project you can work on. 

If you prefer to buy your quilt, try the Coyuchi Pebbled Hand-Stitched Organic Quilt. The quilt is made from cotton material and is perfect for all seasons to keep you warm but comfortable. These come in two sizes, full/queen or king. It is on the pricier side, so it’s an investment. You can find it on the Coyuchi website. 

Wool Blanket 

Those who love a rustic feel will love a good wool blanket. A wool one will give you the feeling of being wrapped in a warm wool sweater, only bigger and nicer. This kind tends to be on the thinner side, but don’t worry; you won’t feel that once you’re under one. Our favorite wool blanket is from Faribault Mill for the sole reason that it’s machine washable. The Pure and Simple Wool Blanket has a fantastic texture and is durable, plus easy to wash. 

Fall Throw Blanket

There are numerous reasons why a throw blanket is a must-have in the house. They’re smaller and easier to store or move around, adding a nice decoration piece to the room. The best thing is the options of the type of throw blanket you can get. When it comes to a throw, it’s all about preference. 

The weight throws one by Baloo is a great option. Weighted blankets give you a better night’s sleep, and the Baloo is made from breathable cotton to keep you sweat-free. Whether you want it for a twin bed or the couch, it’s a great choice. 

The Garnet Hill Essential Down Throw Blanket is lightweight and works in every season imaginable. You can choose numerous colors, and the down part will leave you feeling comfy but warm without the bulk. 

You’ll love The Company Store Gossamer Cotton Blankets if you love cotton ones. It’s perfect for the summer and comes with an airy material. It works well on those hot nights when you need a little cover without feeling weighed down. 

Crochet Baby Blanket

Crochet your baby blanket is one of the oldest things known to man. An easy crochet can be found online and is something you can do easily in a few days. Starting on a small baby is great for crocheting before going on to a bigger and harder project. These small ones are great for gifts, bed ones, or use as a throw one. 

The Family Blanket 

Your family will love a good, fluffy one to use during a movie marathon on the couch. The Garnet Hill Plush-Loft Blanket is our favorite because it has a plush feeling that is warm and soft. It’s durable to help withstand the kids or pets and comes in various sizes. One side of the blanket is cool and quilt-like, while the other has a super soft faux fur feeling. All of these options are great when it comes to buying one for your home. Each one has its unique designs and feeling to them, leaving you comfortable and satisfied with your decision. 

While it might seem easy to find these blankets online, living outside the United States might make it harder to purchase a blanket. ForwardMe makes that a lot easier for all shoppers outside of the U.S. With Forwardme, you can simply shop at your favorite U.S. stores tax-free. Your purchases will be sent directly to your home or anywhere around the world that you like. Their easy shipping calculator can have you estimate your shipping cost, so you know how much you’ll pay before you start shopping.  Forwardme ships to more than 220 countries including Canada, Qatar, Kuwait, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore. Also, you can get a quote for your shipment anytime you want!

Here are some FAQs;

Can I shop for blankets from the US?

You can shop from the US as you like, use the address provided by Forwardme, and get your package delivered to your doorstep. 

Can I shop & ship pillow covers as well as blankets?

Yes, you can! Shipping pillowcases and your favorite blanket internationally is completely doable. You shop, and we ship!

Where to buy blankets for winter?

Most of the retailer in the US sells blankets for every season, you can find them at Walmart, Target, and BestBuy too.