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How to Buy PS5? Here Are the Most Effective Buying Tips!

How to buy PS5 from the US?Article updated on Jul 22, 2021

PlayStation 5 was one of the few things that were launched last year and thrilled every gamer, old and young alike. But soon after the launch, the excitement was met with a public outcry. due to limited consoles being available in stores worldwide. While it is still hard to find where to buy the PS5, here are some tips for getting it easily.

What makes the PS5 different? PS5 vs. PS4

Difference between PS4 and PS5

When it comes to performance, the PS5 is more powerful than the PS4. Its GPU and CPU capabilities surpass the PS4 by miles, and it can load games much faster. Also, it has more efficient storage and supports higher resolutions.

When it comes to design, many were surprised by the new PS5 look. But the design was chosen to accommodate a better cooling system in the console. Also, the new controller pads, the Dual Sense controller, are changing how games are played and experienced. through its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. This technology allows you to experience gaming in a new light that makes it immersive.

With that said, the PS4 might have a slight edge over the PS5 because of its current price and the games available. But if you look at the console scene, the PlayStation 5 is considered at the top, with little competition.

Why is the PS5 so popular?

Because of the pandemic and the fact that there was too much demand, it was hard for people to buy PlayStation 5 consoles in stores. But these issues are estimated to be resolved in the second half of 2021, plus it will become easier to find consoles in stores. But don't let this discourage you. Major online retailers are still meeting consumer needs. Regardless of the retailer's location, our services can help you get your hands on a brand-new PS5 console. By using our services, you don't have to pay shipping tax for any goods you buy from the USA. By using the provided USA address, you can save up to 80% on shipping tax.

Below we will list some of the major online retailers you should consider when buying the PS5 from the USA:

Best Buy for PS5

Best Buy is urging all its customers to visit their site to buy the PS5 console. But do check regularly, as they regularly announce when they have the console in stock.

  •  PS5 at $499
  •  PS5 Digital Edition at $399. You can check the site here.


This is a store you should visit whenever you have the opportunity.

  • PS5 on Amazon at $499
  • PS5 Digital Edition at $399. You can check the site here.


You can sign up for alerts to be notified when stock is available.

  • PS5 at $499
  • The Digital Edition at $399. Also
  • The PS5 Digital Edition comes with a protection plan that starts at $38 for three years. You can check the site here.


You should expect more stock to be available in the next wave. Check the site regularly for updates.

  • You can buy the PS5 console from Newegg
  • The PS5 Digital Edition at $399.


You should expect more stock to be available in the next wave. Check the site regularly for updates.

  • You can buy the PS5 console from GameStop for $499.
  • PS5 Digital Edition at $399.

Sony Direct

You can visit the Sony Direct website to place an order and check its availability.

  • PS5 at $499
  • The Digital Edition at $399

B&H Photo

B&H Photo, the giant electronic site, is also selling the PS5. Check the site for PS5 stock information.

  • PS5 at $499
  • The Digital Edition at $399


You're more likely to find PS5 availability on this site. However, the price may vary. The price may not be as standard as at other online retailers. Check the site here to see bidding information.


Similar to StockX, you're more likely to find PS5 in stock and ready for purchase. The price can vary. Check the site here to see price information.

Where You Can Get PS5 Accessories

  •  Media remote selling at $41 on Amazon
  •  The Charging Dock Station for the DualSense controllers selling at $19 on Amazon
  •  PlayStation PULSE 3D wireless headset at $99 on Newegg
  •  PlayStation HD Camera at $59 on Newegg

Final thoughts: if you noticed, the price is standard for the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. And this comes from Sony itself. Beware when dealing with sellers at these online retailers who price their products differently. Register on the site of your preferred online retailer to get regular updates about stock availability. Also, during any holiday season, it is likely to be another PS5 shortage issue, so plan accordingly.

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