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Forwardme: The best mail forwarding company with outstanding add-ons

What are the add-ons that Forwardme offers for shipments? Article updated on Oct 27, 2022

At Forwardme, we are always looking for ways to make your shipping experience better, and we also understand that feeling like your shipment is in good hands is important to you. That's why we offer a wide range of add-ons to make your package safer, better, and faster! After this blog, you will be using these add-ons more efficiently! 

Add-ons are the best part of using a package forwarder because, normally, you wouldn't be able to have these options if you made your shopping online and sent it directly to your address. This is why you need to know about add-ons and other services like consolidation. 


Consolidation is not an actual add-on but a service that you might require if you are shipping more than one package. With consolidation, you can be sure that your package is as small as it can be. Our experienced team will take your packages, and merge them into one package to save you from shipment costs! But not only will the shipment cost you, but you will also track only one package, which will ease your mind! 


Repackaging, just like consolidation, is not an actual add-on, but you might want it. Why? Because with repacking, you can organize the package as you wish. If you are shipping more than one product in one package, the design of the package is important, especially if some of the products are fragile.

Remove Invoice/Packing Slip

Online shopping can be hard sometimes, especially when you are buying a gift for your loved ones! Even if you state you don't want any kind of invoice or packing slip, they might put one in! With the Forwardme add-on, we can be sure that your package will not contain any kind of invoice or packing slip regarding its contents! 

We will inspect the package cautiously and be sure that there are no invoices or slips on your package. You can be sure that this add-on will allow you to make a great present!

Extra Bubble Wrap

We all know that bubble wrap is essential for protecting items in transit. Sometimes courier companies can damage the package unintentionally, or packages can damage in transit if the package contains any fragile item this is too important because even minor turbulence can damage your product too. 

That's why we offer the option to add extra bubble wrap to your package. We will put bubble wrap around your parcel to be sure it is well protected! This way, you can ensure your items arrive safe and sound. With extra bubble wrap, you can be sure that you can get the safest international shipping ever!

Extra Tape

Let's say you made your check-out and we shipped the package to you, but because your package weight is high, the package is ripped off and all your package content goes everywhere! We don't want this to happen to you! This is why we offer to use extra tapes on your package to ensure the package won't be ripped off from the commissary points and you can get all the package content without any issues!

Security Tape

Especially after COVID-19, people started to care about their security much more. We understand this, and offer Security Tape over your package! With this add-on, you can be sure that nobody opened your package and took anything from it, too! This is handy, especially in Customs.

Sometimes customs officers take a look at the package and its contents to be sure that it has nothing illegal. If you order this add-on, you can understand if the package has been opened until it is delivered to you!

Fragile Sticker

A fragile sticker is important if you bought that marbled vase that you waited for months or a screen just for you! We advise you to use a fragile sticker so that the courier company will know that the package contains a fragile item that can be broken, which will end up in paperwork. so that they will care for the package, with this add-on, your package will be handled with care until it leaves our warehouse to be delivered to your doorstep! Also, remind that Fragile Sticker can grant you the safest way to ship internationally.

Express Mailout

Express Mailout is an add-on that forces our team to process your package faster than others. With this add-on, your package will be handed over to the courier company ASAP. No wait time for the handing over of your package.

Pacakge Content Photo

Forwardme offers a free photo for each package that is delivered to our warehouse. Even if we are living in a technological era, we still need to see what we are shipping. Moreover, if you are not sure which packages are being shipped, you can request a "Package Content Photo." With this add-on, after the preparation of your package, we will take a photo of it and send it to you to remove all kinds of question marks from your head.


Insurance is the most important add-on that can be bought for shipments. Shipment insurance is just like normal insurance policies; it can help you if something happens to your package while in transit. You may wonder what can happen to my package; it is shipped via a reputable courier company! You shouldn't think this way! 

Anything can happen to your package, and it's better to be safe than sorry! Moreover, insurance is not expensive; you can buy it for $3! For every $100 worth of product, insurance is $3! You may want to rethink your thoughts on insurance now.

Package shipped from Forwardme with life saving add-ons.

Urgent Handling

This add-on will get you on the first lines of the queue for preparing your package. If you bought any add-ons, you might have to wait for some time to be handled correctly depending on the backlog of the warehouse, but with an Urgent Handling add-on, you will be the first one on the queue!

Depending on your shipments, you might need one or a couple of add-ons to your shipment. Let’s say you bought a new gaming monitor for your child as a gift, and you want to give it to him or her as soon as possible, but you also want it to be delivered safely and sound. You may use "Remove Invoice," "Extra Bubble Wrap," "Fragile Sticker," and insurance! 

As stated, depending on your shipment cause, you may change your preferences for each shipment as none of them are the same! We offer unique service each time, and with each time, you may want to change your preferences too! 

We hope this blog helped explain the different types of package add-ons offered by Forwardme! With these add-ons, it is much more accessible, safe, and fast shipping from the US. You can sign-up right now and get your free us address! Also, remind that Forwardme is the cheapest way to ship internationally! If you have any questions about the add-ons we offer, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team. They will be more than happy to help you choose the right add-ons for your needs and answer any questions.

FAQs ;

What is the difference between the different add-ons?

The different add-ons offered by Forwardme vary in price and in the service that they provide. The Security Tape add-on, for example, ensures that the package will not be opened and anything was taken from it during transit. The Express Mailout add-on speeds up the process of preparing the package for shipping.

What are the benefits of each add-on?

Add-ons will make each shipment unique! You can customize your package as you wish with these add-ons. They will provide you with quality-of-life services. Also, these add-ons will protect your shipment while it is coming to you!

- When should I use an add-on?

Add-ons should be used when the package needs special handling or when an extra level of security is required. For example, the Fragile Sticker add-on can be used when shipping a fragile item that may be damaged during transit. The insurance add-on can be used to protect the contents of a package in case of damage or loss.

Can I buy insurance for items that are not shipped through Forwardme?

No, we cannot provide insurance for the packages that are not shipped from Forwardme.

What if my item is lost or damaged during shipping?

If an item is lost or damaged during shipping, the insurance add-on may provide compensation for the loss or damage. To get a bonus, we will file a claim on your behalf. Please contact our customer support team for more information.

What should I do if my package gets lost in transit?

If you bought parcel insurance, we will file a claim, and handle all the paperwork on your behalf. All you need to do is sit back and relax. The claims process is entirely on us. 

I will ship my package with a major courier service; do I need insurance?

You might need to buy insurance even though we are only working with major shipping carriers. This will allow us to assist you with any kind of damage to the product. 

Do I need to pay too much for the insurance?

No! You don’t have to pay too much for insurance. The insurance cost is $3 for every $100 worth of merchandise.

- How will I know if my add-ons have been applied to my order?

You will be able to see the add-ons that you have purchased on the Order Summary page before you checkout. The add-ons will be applied to your order once it has been prepared for shipping. Moreover, if you want to be sure about the add-ons, you can request a photo of your package, and we can provide it to you.

Why should I use add-ons?

With these add-ons, you can save on shipping from the United States, which will make your shipping more cost-effective. 

#Forwardme provides top-tier mail forwarding solutions.

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