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16 Best Online Pet Stores Every Pet Owner Needs To Know

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Getting a pet is a fun and exciting time in your life. Not only do you get a new furry friend, but you also take on the important job of taking care of them, since they depend on you for everything they need. While this is a big job, it's also a very rewarding one.

Thankfully, the internet makes being a pet parent a bit easier. Whether you’re looking for fun toys for your cat or something to keep your dog busy, online stores for pets have so many options to make your pet happy.

Choosing the right online store is key to easily finding food, medicine, toys, or even litter for your pet. Lots of online stores are ready to help you give your pet everything they need. With a little help from Forwardme, you can get all of your pet’s needs delivered right to your door. In this blog, we’ll explore some of our favorite online stores to make sure your pet has everything they need.

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Many pet owners love shopping at certain online stores for their furry friends. Chewy is a big hit because they have a huge selection and quick shipping. People also like Petco and PetSmart for their wide variety of items and trusted brands. Amazon's Pet Supplies section is another favorite because you can get so many different things all in one place. Don't forget about smaller shops like PetFlow or EntirelyPets, which also have great stuff and often feature unique items or special deals. It’s always a good idea to read reviews and maybe even join a pet owners’ forum to discover more recommended online stores from people who also adore their pets!

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Deals and savings at online pet stores

Yes, online stores for pets often have special deals and discounts! They want to make sure you and your pets are happy and keep coming back. So, they might offer lower prices on things like food, toys, and other pet supplies sometimes. You might find seasonal sales, like for the holidays, or discounts on certain brands. Some stores also have loyalty programs. That means if you keep buying from them, you might get points or coupons to save money on future purchases. Always check the website’s offer section or sign up for their newsletter to stay in the know about all the best deals and save big on pet supplies!

What types of products can I find in online pet stores?

Online pet stores have lots of stuff for your pets. You can find all kinds of food and yummy treats to keep them happy. There are also fun toys to play with and comfy beds for them to sleep in. You can get nice homes for them to live in and cool clothes for them to wear. Need to give them a bath? There are soaps and shampoos, too. And if your pets get sick, you can buy medicine to help them get better. There's everything you might need for your pets, all in one place online. So, you can shop for all pet things without leaving your home. It’s easy and fun!

Every pet lover seeks the best for their furry, feathered, or scaled friend. With countless online stores for pets vying for your attention, it can be challenging to determine which ones stand out in terms of quality, variety, and trustworthiness.

Top online pet stores in the US:

Entirely Pets

A veritable treasure trove for all things pet-related, Entirely Pets offers a smorgasbord of goods encompassing alimentation, amusement, and nutritional enhancers. The convenience of swift doorstep delivery during times of urgent necessity elevates its appeal.

Animal Planet

As a nexus of valuable insights, Animal Planet harmoniously melds edifying blog posts and novel gifts, reflecting the vast ecosystems portrayed within their broadcast content, thereby enriching the lives of both pets and protectors.

Pet Flow

A reservoir of eminent brands catering to every conceivable requirement of your pets. PetFlow not only retails prescriptive nourishments and medicaments but also facilitates systematic ordering for ceaseless supply.

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Amazon Pet

Nestled within the colossal shopping giant, Amazon Pet, accommodates nuanced shopping, enabling guardians to filter through breeds, dietary needs, and more, rendering it an effortless endeavor to secure essentials.

Tuft and Paw

Ensuring our feline friends luxuriate in opulence, Tuft and Paw presents an exquisite range of furniture designed to satiate their elevated lifestyles, from clandestine litter receptacles to exploratory tree structures.


For those whose affinity lies with the atypical, such as poultry, Omlet extends an array of both essential and whimsical items, including high-visibility vests for your adventurous avian amigos.

Alpha Paw

From the quintessential to the custom, Alpha Paw arrays an assortment wherein personalized jewelry coexists harmoniously alongside litter treatments and functional ramps, all dispatched directly to your dwelling.

Wild One

Ensuring pets mirror the sartorial elegance of their guardians, Wild One offers a vibrant palette of walking accessories, along with hygienic necessities and playful distractions.

Fable Pet

Transforming the pet guardianship journey into an enthralling adventure, Fable Pet presents a cornucopia of products aimed at enhancing training and infusing merriment into their environment.

Cat Person

Simplicity and comfort in cohabitation with your feline are paramount to CatPerson. A subscription service ensures a ceaseless supply of necessities, conveniently and punctually delivered.

Kitty Poo Club

An exemplary subscription service, Kitty Poo Club, unburdens the guardian from litter-related toil, facilitating a monthly delivery of fresh litter boxes, effortlessly assembled.


Your digital pet pharmacy, PetCareRx, assuages medicinal woes by availing a plethora of pharmaceuticals, including parasitic preventatives and prescriptive diets.

Fuzzy: The Pet Parent Company

Fuzzy furnishes 24/7 veterinary care and an ebullient subscription box, each brimming with joyful diversions, nutritious treats, and more, meticulously curated for your cherished companions.


Where style and functionality intertwine, Roverland bestows upon guardians a chic assortment of pet carriers, ensuring each journey is embarked upon with flair.


Elevating litter to a diagnostic tool, PrettyLitter not only mitigates malodorousness but shifts hue in response to potential health anomalies in your cat, all on a reliable subscription basis.


Envisioned as the pet-centric analog of Amazon, Chewy is a monolith in online pet retail with a vast assortment and exemplary customer service, ensuring both joyful birthdays and seamless medication refills for your pets.

a page showing Chewy's online pet store

a page showing Chewy's online pet store

Indeed, pet guardianship, while daunting, blossoms into a journey of boundless joy and unwavering companionship with these digital boutiques as allies. Embrace these platforms, each a beacon during emergencies, a source of sustenance, and a purveyor of playthings, enhancing your proficiency as a guardian manifold.

Further, when your perusal leads to purchase, Forwardme navigates the logistics, bringing global shopping to your doorstep, and ensuring your pets enjoy a diverse and delightful array of offerings from across the globe.

These sites help make you an even better pet owner, and Forwadme is here to make your shipping needs easier. Remember to use Forwadme for any pet food, toy, or medication you plan on shipping to your house.

Finding discounts/discount codes

For the savvy pet owner, saving on purchases is as rewarding as the joy they derive from their pets. Luckily, there are numerous websites dedicated to helping you find the best deals and discount codes. One popular go-to is, which regularly lists promotional codes for a vast array of online stores for pets. is another treasure trove, offering printable coupons and online codes that can lead to significant savings. Don't overlook; this community-driven deal site often has members post and vote on the latest hot deals, making sure you're always in the loop for top discounts. Additionally, stands out with its comprehensive range of deals and an active community that verifies each discount, ensuring they work as promised. Before making your next pet purchase, taking a few minutes to browse these sites can lead to worthwhile savings!

What are the benefits of shopping for pet supplies online?

Exploring pet supplies online offers unparalleled convenience and a vast array of products, especially beneficial for those residing outside the US. The digital world reveals a wide-ranging selection of items, from popular chew toys to innovative, pet-engaging gadgets, without the geographical limitations of physical shopping.

1️⃣ a page showing Petco's online pet store

1️⃣ a page showing Petco's online pet store

Benefits of E-Shopping for Pet Supplies

Shopping online for pet needs provides notable perks like access to detailed product information, customer reviews, and exclusive deals. It ensures informed, hassle-free decisions and allows customers worldwide to procure trending US pet toys and supplies, ensuring no furry friend misses out on playful luxuries.

Challenges of international shipping from U.S. pet stores

For many pet owners outside the U.S., shopping from American online pet stores presents a unique set of challenges. Navigating international shipping can be complex, with issues like elevated shipping fees, extended delivery times, and customs regulations often deterring potential buyers. Yet, the diverse range of quality pet products from U.S. retailers remains highly sought after globally. It's crucial for shoppers to be well-informed and choose platforms that streamline the international shipping process to ensure a smooth experience.

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Easy way to purchase from the US

Forwardme revolutionizes the shopping experience for pet lovers across the globe. With a suite of services designed to simplify international logistics, Forwardme ensures seamless deliveries from your favorite online pet stores, straight to your doorstep. The advantages of partnering with Forwardme are endless – from enjoying a wider variety of international products to capitalizing on exclusive deals available in the US market. So, whether it's a rare toy from a US-based boutique or a special nutritional supplement, Forwardme has got your global shopping needs covered, making it easier than ever for your pets to enjoy the best the world has to offer.

In a world where our responsibilities towards our pets resonate deeply with our innate need to nurture, the digital realm emerges as a potent ally. Through the vast expanse of online pet boutiques, guardians can harness an extensive palette of products and services tailored for their cherished companions. These platforms not only offer convenience and choice but also act as educational hubs, providing insights, reviews, and an extensive array of offerings to ensure our pets live a life of luxury, health, and happiness. As the digital age continues to evolve, so does the ease with which we can care for our pets, making online pet shopping an indispensable tool in modern pet guardianship.

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