Shop smart, ship far: How to buy from Under Armour US and ship worldwide

International ShoppingFebruary 27, 2023

Shop from Under Armour, ship internationally.

If you're looking for athletic wear that combines style and performance, Under Armour US is a great place to shop. Not only do they offer a wide range of products, but they also provide worldwide shipping, so you can get your hands on your favorite Under Armour products no matter where you live. Here's how to shop smart and get your athletic wear delivered to your doorstep.

Why shop from Under Armour US?

Under Armour US offers a number of benefits to shoppers, including:

  • Wide range of products available: Under Armour US offers a huge selection of athletic wear products, including shoes, clothing, and accessories, for men, women, and kids.
  • Competitive pricing: Under Armour US offers pricing that is competitive with other athletic wear retailers.
  • Access to exclusive products: Under Armour US often releases exclusive products that are not available anywhere else.
  • High-quality products: Under Armour is known for producing high-quality athletic wear products that are designed to perform well during physical activity.

Top tips for smart shopping at Under Armour US

  1. Sign up for the email newsletter: Under Armour US offers an email newsletter that provides updates on new products, promotions, and sales. Signing up for the newsletter can help you stay informed and save money on your purchases.
  2. Follow Under Armour on social media: Under Armour US has active social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Following them on social media can provide additional information about new products and promotions.
  3. Shop during sales and promotions: Under Armour US often runs sales and promotions that can save you money on your purchases. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to get a great deal.
  4. Use coupon codes and discounts: Under Armour US also offers coupon codes and discounts that can help you save even more money. Look for these codes and apply them during checkout to take advantage of the savings.
  5. Check the size chart before buying: Under Armour US offers a size chart for each product to help you find the right fit. Before making a purchase, be sure to check the size chart to ensure that you're ordering the correct size.
  6. Read customer reviews: Finally, reading customer reviews can provide valuable insight into the quality and fit of Under Armour products. Be sure to read reviews before making a purchase to get an idea of what other customers think.

Best sellers

Under Armour Men's Tech 2.0 Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Under Armour Women's Play Up 3.0 Shorts

Under Armour Women's Play Up 3.0 Shorts

  • These versatile shorts are great for everything from running to lounging. They're made with a soft, moisture-wicking fabric and feature a comfortable, relaxed fit.
Under Armour Men's Raid 10" Shorts

Under Armour Men's Raid 10" Shorts

  • These performance shorts are made with a stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric and feature UPF 30+ sun protection. They also have a comfortable elastic waistband with an internal draw cord.
Under Armour Women's UA HOVR Phantom Running Shoes
Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoes

Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoes

  • These lightweight and breathable running shoes feature UA's Charged Cushioning technology for a responsive, supportive ride. They also have a durable leather and mesh upper for added support and ventilation.

Shop & Ship Cheaper

If you want to purchase from Under Armour US and have your items shipped worldwide, one option is to use a package forwarding service like Forwardme. With a package forwarding service, you'll be provided with a US shipping address that you can use to have your purchases shipped to. Once your items arrive at the US address, Forwardme will forward them to your international address. To use Forwardme, you must first create an account and obtain a US shipping address. Then, when you're checking out on Under Armour US, you'll use your US shipping address as your shipping address. Once your items arrive at your Forwardme address, you'll need to pay for international shipping and any additional fees. Then, your package will be shipped to your international address. Using a package forwarding service like Forwardme can be a great option if you want to shop from Under Armour US but don't have a US address or want to take advantage of US-only promotions or discounts.

Shopping on Under Armour US and receiving worldwide shipping is simple and convenient. By following our guide and using our top tips, you can shop smart and save money on your purchases. Whether you're looking for athletic wear for yourself or your family, Under Armour US has a wide range of products to choose from. Happy shopping!