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Online ShoppingJuly 13, 2022

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Shopping from any US store rather than your own country most likely will have more discounted prices, faster shipping schedule, and cheaper rates, but how can you shop from any US store if you don’t live in the US, yet you want the product? 

ForwardMe offers a personal shopper service that can help you make your online shipping, and shopping with ease! 

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What is ForwardMe, and what does ForwardMe do?

ForwardMe is a parcel forwarder that allows you to ship your packages internationally without any problems! ForwardMe is the cheapest way to ship your package internationally with time-sensitive services. 

Our goal is to deliver happiness all over the world! You can shop your products from any US online store, ship them to our warehouse, wait for them to be processed, and after you can order a shipment for your products. With our easy-to-understand website, you can change your shipping address, or add a new address in no time!

We are working with all the major courier companies like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS, thus you don’t have to worry about your package. They are the most cost-effective, trustable, shipping services on the market. They are even helping with the receipt for the duties and taxes with easy payment services. Their speed can be explained by the overnight delivery options! 

If any chance of your package being damaged during transit, we will open a claim for your package, and get compensation for you. We will do all the work, and you don’t have to do anything for it! 

One other problem is the insurance, but with ForwardMe, you don't need to worry a bit. Our insurance service is as cheap as it can be, thus allowing you to make insurance for your package. Normally insurance for the shipments is expensive, but we care about you, and without any profit, we would like to ensure your shipments! 

You have shipping options to choose from when it comes to shipping. Depending on the region you wish to ship, we will provide you the option to choose from courier company services like USPS International, FedEx Ground/Priority, and DHL Express. delivers over 220 countries

What is a personal shopper? 

Personal Shopper service is the service that allows you to shop online internationally from anywhere in the world, and more importantly, allows you to make online shopping from US stores with ease. After buying the products and processing them, you can internationally ship them anywhere in the world! 

Why Should I use Personal Shopper Service?

This question has two answers. The first one is the reasons for the payment. Sometimes, some companies do not accept international cards or payment methods. With ForwardMe, you don't have to worry about it! We are working with all major Credit Cards, PayPal, and also Google/Apple Pay!

The second reason to use personal shopper is some products are much cheaper in the US rather than in other countries as a result of local pricing and taxes, but using our personal shopper service, you have access to US stores anywhere! With ForwardMe’s personal shopper service Shop & Ship easily! Our rates will prove that we are offering cheap shipping rates, and also low fees on the Personal Shopper. 

You can take a look at all the stores and add them to your cart from the ForwardMe dashboard! Our Shopper will buy your products in no time, thus you can benefit from all the sales when ordering online, thus allowing you to save even more money on shopping! 

Let's say, the price of the product increased until our shopper has even a chance to buy the product if the total price difference is less than $10. We won't bother you for it, and proceed with the order, but if the price increases more than $10 we have to contact you. So, you won’t have to worry about minor changes in the prices, we got your back! 

One more benefit of the personal shopper service is that we are offering our customers to place orders from multiple merchants, which means, you don’t have to order from only one store, we can buy your products in whichever store you wish. Not only allowing more than one product, but also you can place them in one order, which allows you to avoid personal shopper fees! 

By using our consolidation service, you don’t have to worry about bigger shipment prices, as our experienced pperation team will take the packages that you wish to consolidate and consolidate them as minor as they possibly can, allowing you to save money on the shipments! 

Last mention ForwardMe’s personal shopper service is consolidated. Both in personal shopper service, and also in normal shipments, our experienced team can consolidate packages. In international shipments, dimensional weight is as important as actual weight which confuses most international shipment makers. 

Dimensional weight is the weight of the package. If the package’s dimensional weight is bigger than the actual weight all the courier companies accept the dimensional weight rather than the actual weight. You can take a deeper look at our help center for more information on the weight issue. 

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What happens if the product is not what I want? Can I return it? 

Depending on the store's return policies we might return the product and refund you the amount you paid for the product. 

After the product is delivered to us, we will process it into your account with images of the product, and if you wish to return the product you can contact us. 

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What happens if the product is out of stock when the shopper tries to buy it? 

If the product is not available at the moment the personal shopper tries to buy it either we can cancel the order and refund you the amount, or we can wait until the product is in stock again. 

If you choose to wait until the product is stocked, and you didn't get an email from us informing you about your order, you can contact us and remind us too! 

If you have any questions regarding issues, you can always contact our support team, and ask them! There are two options to contact them, you can either e-mail us, or you can use our chat tool to communicate with us. They will do their best to solve your issue, and inform you about any questions you might ask! Please feel free to contact us any time!