What to buy for Ramadan and Eid in 2021?

International Shopping

Do you know Islam is one of the major religion group in the world with 24.1%? More than 1.6 billion people celebrate Ramadan! Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims spend a whole month fasting during the daylight hours of Ramadan. They give up eating food and drinking on days of Ramadan. A time for reflection, prayer, and charity to those less fortunate than themselves. This holy month is the time Muslims connect with their family and community around the world during Ramadan month.

When Ramadan ends Eid al-Fitr begins. This special day starts at the end of the month of Ramadan. Muslims around the world enjoy the holiday. They celebrate Eid al-Fitr. The festival of the breaking of the fast. With Ramadan coming to a close, you need to get your Eid shopping done before the last-minute rushes. It's time for Muslims everywhere worldwide to celebrate their shared religious heritage by exchanging presents - preferably thoughtful and meaningful ones.

How Can I Send Gifts?

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Gifts for Kids

Every kid will love these gifts!

Disney Jasmine Castle Light-Up Figurine – Aladdin – Disney Castle Collection – Limited Release

disney jasmine castle light

Has your kid ever wanted to live in a Disney world? Now it is your chance to make him/her happy. Get this limited edition of Princess Jasmine's Palace sculpture as a gift! Open the door to pure enchantment with this delicate palace, as depicted in Disney's animated classic Aladdin.

Mulan Classic Doll

mulan classic doll

The Mulan classic doll is a shining example of inner strength and outer beauty in the way she celebrates her ancestors. The wide-eyed, sparkling satin costume with flowing black hair captures all that's good about this beloved Disney classic!

UNIH Kids Garage Toy Set

unih kids garage toy set

It's clear that children now more often than not are addicted to the new age of mobile and computer games. This will be a good choice for the health of children. Parents can teach their children knowledge while they play, and this will help strengthen the relationship between them.

Decoration Gifts
decoration gifts
eid moon lights with star string light

Think of how much your party will be cool with this warm, gorgeous, and romantic lighting effect.

Moon Neon Light Signs

moon neon light signs

Shining like a moon, this neon sign lights up your room and adds vitality to the bedside table. It provides a warm lighting atmosphere for your residence as it glows in any place you put it - whether that's by the front door or on top of the coffee table.

Ramadan Decor Moon String Light

ramadan decor moon string light

The best way to spice up your Iftar is by using this Ramadan light. It's the perfect decoration for any special occasion with family and friends, whether it be a cheerful Eid or an intimate date night!

Ramadan - Eid Mubarak Favor Boxes - Set of 12

Ramadan - Eid Mubarak Favor Boxes - Set of 12

The Ramadan-themed party favor boxes are perfect for your giveaway! These cute little containers come in sets of 12 and can be used to hold anything from a small candy or treat, to the grand prize that you want all guests at your gathering vying for.

Beauty Gifts

Ready to glam up for Eid? Shop popular makeup and skincare products from US websites, ship your favorites worldwide with Forward.me.

Glow Recipe – Watermelon Glow Niacinamide New Drops

Glow Recipe – Watermelon Glow Niacinamide New Drops

This breakthrough, multi-use highlighting serum not only hydrates and visibly reduces the look of hyperpigmentation for a dewy, reflective glow but without any mica or glitter. 

Charlotte Tilbury – Hollywood Contour Wand

Charlotte Tilbury – Hollywood Contour Wand

Hollywood Contour Wand in Light to Medium is the perfect lightweight, blendable, buildable formula to create a well-contoured face.

Gift for Friends & Family

Gift for Friends & Family
 LEGO Creator Expert Old Trafford - Manchester United

Manchester United and football fans can show off their love for the club and the game with this LEGO Manchester United building set. The kit for adults features recognizable details, such as players' tunnel and Sir Alex Ferguson stand and statue, in an exciting challenge that is great at home or office!

Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch

Nintendo showed off their new gaming system called the Nintendo Switch. The console can be played both at home and on the go, which is a first for any company that has done this before; it's also powerful enough to play all your favorite games - but wait! That's not all! With two exclusive Joy-Con controllers with HD Rumble built-in, you'll feel every bump and turn just as if they were real-life objects making them perfect for fighting game enthusiasts who are looking to take things up another notch by feeling what would normally have been only imagined in these types of video games before now.

Novation Launchpad Pro 64 Pad Grid Performance Instrument for Ableton

Novation Launchpad Pro 64 Pad Grid Performance Instrument for Ableton

Novation's Launchpad Pro is the professional grid performance instrument. There are many reasons why Launchpad Pro is a powerful 64-pad MIDI grid controller. First, it gives you everything you need to create and perform your tracks with both Ableton Live software or hardware synths without any other instrumentation aside from the pads themselves. It also has more than 16 assignable knobs that can be customized for different functions on the fly!