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Shipping methods to Uganda

Uganda Import Tax & Custom Fees

The amount that triggers the payment of taxes on an item's declared value is known as the "tax and duty threshold." The rate of taxation in a country is determined by the local GST or VAT and the type of product being purchased.

In Uganda, the CIF method is used for calculating import duties and taxes, which are based on not just the value of the imported goods but also any associated shipping costs.

  • duty calculation method icon

    Calculation Method CIF

  • tax threshold icon

    Tax Threshold 50 USD

  • tax GST icon

    Tax (VAT/GST) 18%

  • duty threshold icon

    Duty Threshold 50 USD

  • currency icon

    Currency Ugandan shilling (UGX)

Import Duty Product Categories

The items in an order will have applicable duties charged at the relevant rate for shipment.

  • Mobiles 0%
  • Tablets 0%
  • Computers 0%
  • Cameras 0%
  • Accessories 0%
  • Accessories (Battery) 0%
  • Health & Beauty 25%
  • Fashion 25%
  • Watches 25%
  • Jewelry 25%
  • Pets Accessories 25%
  • Dry Food & Supplements 25%
  • Home Appliances 25%
  • Home decor 25%
  • Toys 25%
  • Sports 25%
  • Luggage 25%
  • Audio video 25%
  • Documents 0%
  • Gaming 25%
  • Books & Collectibles 0%

Our team endeavors to ensure the accuracy of this information, however, it is subject to alteration without prior notice.

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