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Unlocking US retail: Shipping to UK simplified

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In the digital age we live in, geographical borders have become less of a hindrance for avid shoppers. Today, consumers can easily enjoy shopping from the US and shipping to the UK, thanks to companies like Forwardme that are making this possible.

Unveiling Forwardme: Solution for international shopping and shipping

Forwardme is a comprehensive facilitator that assists international shoppers in easily purchasing goods from American stores and shipping to the UK. With a focus on providing a smooth, cost-effective, and efficient solution, Forwardme breaks down the barriers to international commerce. Their services not only encompass logistics but extend further, ensuring customers enjoy a stress-free and delightful shopping and shipping experience.

Forwardme journey: Getting started

  • Creating a Forwardme Account: The First Step to Global Shopping

Initiating your journey with Forwardme starts with setting up an account. This process is straightforward, only requiring a few basic personal details and a valid email address. Once you receive a confirmation email, your account is active and ready, setting the stage for an enhanced international shopping experience.

  • Obtaining a US address: your personal shopping destination

With your account set up, Forwardme provides you with a unique US address. This address becomes your private receiving center for all the purchases you make from the US. Situated in a tax-free zone, this address serves as your gateway to numerous benefits.

Harness the power of US shopping: opening a new world of opportunities

  • Perks of tax-free shopping: maximizing your savings

Shopping from the US using the Forwardme address lets you enjoy the benefits of tax-free shopping. Imagine having the opportunity to buy your favorite items at discounted prices, allowing you to save more and shop even more! With Forwardme's two warehouses, you can save 7% on your every purchase!

  • Unlocking online deals and sales

Armed with your unique US address, a world of unrestricted access to US-centric e-commerce platforms unfolds before you. Whether it's seizing the incredible bargains of the renowned Amazon Prime sales, or capitalizing on exclusive discounts offered by your favorite brands, you're well-equipped to scout and secure the best deals across a vast array of products. Your shopping expedition is just getting started!

Shipping your purchases to Forwardme: A comprehensive guide

  • Understanding the process: clear and simple

Once you've secured the best deals, the next step is to ship your packages to Forwardme. Simply use your US address as the shipping address during checkout, and your packages will be directed to the Forwardme warehouse, marking the beginning of your shipping to the UK journey.

  • The luxury of package tracking: stay informed every step of the way

With Forwardme, you can easily track your package right from the moment it leaves the store until it arrives at the Forwardme warehouse. Real-time updates keep you informed about your package's status, providing you with the peace of mind that it's in safe hands.

Maximizing savings with Consolidation and Repacking

One of Forwardme's significant services is the option of consolidation and repacking. This process involves combining your multiple purchases into a single package, which substantially reduces your shipping costs. With this service, shipping from the US to the UK becomes even more economical.

Variety of shipping options

  • FedEx Economy, FedEx Priority, and DHL Express

Forwardme offers a range of shipping options to cater to different needs and budgets, including FedEx Economy, FedEx Priority, and DHL Express. Your choice depends on factors like delivery time, cost, and the nature of the goods.

  • Picking the best shipping option: make an informed decision

The FedEx Economy is a great option for those on a tight budget, while FedEx Priority and DHL Express are ideal for those needing faster delivery. Assess your needs, consider your budget, and choose the option that best meets your requirements.

Understanding Customs Declaration Form

  • Modifying the declaration form: Forwardme have you covered

Before your goods can start shipping to the UK, a completed customs declaration form is required. Forwardme simplifies this process for you. With a user-friendly dashboard, you can quickly fill in the necessary information, ensuring a hassle-free passage through customs.

  • Why change the Customs Declaration value?

Most merchants don't include a packing slip or an invoice within the box. This is why Forwardme might not be able to find the exact amount you spent on the item. To be correct and not be surprised by the customs, you should check or change the Customs Declaration Form.

Shipping your packages: Just a few clicks away!

  • Placing a shipping order: Seamless and convenient

With your purchases consolidated and the declaration form filled, it's time to ship your packages! Forwardme's interface makes placing a shipping order as simple as clicking a few buttons. Simply log-into your account, go to your inbox, add your package(s), and click on the cart button on top right corner of your screen and continue with check-out.

  • The added advantages of Forwardme Add-Ons

To further enhance your shipping from the US to the UK experience, Forwardme offers a variety of add-ons. These include package insurance and photographs of your items, providing additional assurance for your valuable purchases.

DDP and DDUP: Decoding shipping methods

  • What are DDP and DDUP?

Understanding shipping terms such as DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) and DDUP (Delivered Duty Unpaid) is critical for international shoppers. In DDP, all duties and taxes are prepaid, whereas, in DDUP, the receiver pays these charges upon delivery.

  • DDUP shipments with Forwardme: You're in control

Forwardme primarily employs the DDUP shipping method. This method allows you to manage your duties and taxes, giving you complete control over your spending.

Demystifying Duties and Taxes: Transparency for smooth shipping

  • Calculation of Duties and Taxes: A Fair System

The duties and taxes of the UK are determined based on the value of the goods being shipped. These charges significantly impact the total cost and should be accounted for when budgeting for your international shopping spree. On our United Kingdom country page, you can find the rates of duties and taxes that you might charge. Remind that, we are doing our best to keep up with the duties and taxes, but these rates can change anytime, this is why it might be better to contact local customs for exact information.

  • Easy payment of Duties and Taxes

Once your package gets through the customs inspection, customs will let the courier company know the tax you need to pay, and the courier company will reach out to you via email. In this mail, you will see the payment methods that you can make the payment.

Forwardme benefits: The smart shopper's choice

Forwardme offers numerous benefits ranging from easy account setup, tax-free shopping, package consolidation, to efficient shipping options. It simplifies the complex task of shipping to the UK from the US, catering to every shopper's unique needs. On top of these, you will be able to reach to the most efficient and cheapest way to ship to UK from the United States.

With Forwardme, the challenges associated with shopping from the US and shipping to the UK are now a thing of the past. This guide, coupled with Forwardme's exceptional services, sets you up for a seamless and satisfying international shopping experience. Ready to explore the limitless world of online shopping? Happy shopping with Forwardme!

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