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Shop Athleta's International and Enjoy Worldwide Shipping

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Are you someone who loves to lead an active lifestyle and is looking for high-quality and fashionable activewear? Look no further than Athleta, a women's activewear brand that offers a wide range of products, including yoga pants, sports bras, swimsuits, and other fitness accessories. Athleta is known for making clothes for everyone and using materials that are good for the environment, like recycled polyester and organic cotton. Because the brand cares about being environmentally friendly and welcoming everyone, it is a popular choice among fitness fans all over the world. With Athleta's international shipping policy, people from all over the world can enjoy the brand's stylish and functional activewear. Elevate your workout wardrobe and feel comfortable, confident, and stylish with Athleta.

Product overview

Athleta's activewear is designed to meet the needs of women who lead an active lifestyle. The brand offers a wide range of sizes, from XXS to 3X, and uses high-performance fabrics that are not only eco-friendly but also durable and comfortable. The brand's products are functional and fashionable, making them perfect for wearing during workout sessions or even in everyday life. Athleta sells clothes that are good for yoga, running, and training, among other fitness activities. These clothes have features like moisture-wicking, breathability, and four-way stretch technology. The brand also offers accessories like bags, hats, and socks to complement its clothing. With a focus on innovation, Athleta continues to develop new products that cater to women's evolving fitness needs.

Women clothing

Athleta's collection of women's clothing is tailored to meet the needs of active women who desire to look and feel fabulous during their workouts. The collection has a wide range of activewear like leggings, yoga pants, tops, and shorts with great features like breathability, moisture-wicking, and four-way stretch technology. Athleta's clothing is available in a wide range of sizes, from XXS to 3X, making it an inclusive brand that caters to women of all shapes and sizes. Besides traditional activewear, Athleta also offers swimwear, jackets, and dresses that fit into an active lifestyle. The clothing is designed to be comfortable and functional, with close attention paid to details like pockets, adjustable straps, and flatlock seams for convenience. Athleta's collection of women's clothing is an ideal choice for those who are looking for high-quality, sustainable, and fashionable activewear that can keep up with their active lifestyle while promoting inclusivity.

Men clothing

Athleta's men's collection provides a comprehensive range of activewear for men with an active lifestyle. The collection comprises shorts, pants, and tops that feature impressive attributes such as moisture-wicking, breathability, and four-way stretch technology. The brand's men's clothing is available in various sizes and fits, catering to men of different shapes and sizes. Athleta's men's clothing is both comfortable and functional, with a keen focus on details like pockets, adjustable waistbands, and flatlock seams for added convenience. The collection is well-suited for various fitness activities such as yoga, running, and training. Athleta's emphasis on sustainability is evident in their men's collection as they use eco-friendly materials such as recycled polyester. Athleta's men's collection is an excellent choice for men looking to invest in high-quality, eco-friendly, and fashionable activewear that meets their active lifestyle needs.

How to ship internationally?

Athleta's international shipping policy says that it ships to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia, among other countries. Unfortunately, Athleta does not offer international shipping to other countries at this time.

Athleta also provides customers with a shipping calculator on their website. Customers can use the calculator to get an idea of how much shipping will cost based on where they live and what they want to buy. It's important to know that the cost of shipping does not include any extra fees, like customs duties or taxes, that may be charged by the country where the package is going.

Ship to your doorstep

For people living outside the United States, Athleta's international shipping policy allows them to enjoy the brand's products. However, shipping costs can be expensive, especially if you are buying multiple items. To save on shipping costs, one solution is to use a package forwarding service like Forwardme. Forwardme is a shipping service that allows you to have your Athleta purchases shipped to a US address, where they will be consolidated and shipped to your international address at a lower cost. This can be a great way to save money on shipping fees, especially if you are planning on buying several items or shopping frequently. By using Forwardme, you can get high-quality activewear from Athleta and take advantage of the brand's stylish and useful clothes while also taking advantage of low shipping costs.

In conclusion, Athleta is a well-known brand that offers quality activewear for women. Although Athleta primarily operates in the United States, the brand does offer international shipping to select countries. Customers outside the United States can shop at Athleta’s website and have their purchases shipped to their location. It is important to note that additional fees, such as customs duties or taxes, may apply to the recipient’s country.

3 Best seller of Athleta

A women wearing brands own legging.

Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 Tight - $105

This bestseller is designed for yoga and features a high-rise waistband with a hidden pocket, made from soft and stretchy fabric with moisture-wicking and breathable properties.

A man wearing Athelatta pants.

Everyday Jogger - $59

This Athleta bestseller for men is a versatile pair of joggers that are suitable for both athletic and casual wear. It features a soft and stretchy fabric with moisture-wicking properties for ultimate comfort.

A woman wearing Athletta crop.

Conscious Crop - $64

This Athleta bestseller is a versatile and comfortable crop top that can be worn for a variety of activities. Made from a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, the Conscious Crop features a built-in bra with removable cups and a stylish strappy back design. The crop top comes in a range of colors and prints, making it a fashionable and functional addition to any activewear wardrobe.

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