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Enjoy fast and reliable deliveries to your country

Experience expedited and dependable shipping services with renowned carriers like DHL Express, FedEx, USPS, Aramex, and UPS. Benefit from swift delivery, typically taking 1-3 business days based on your destination and selected shipping method.
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Enjoy the advantages of tax-free shopping from US stores.

Discover a world of US stores and exclusive products, seamlessly shop and have items delivered to your country, free from sales tax.
the Ecommerce page showing the shoe, in the style of light teal and light amber

Gain access to affordable shipping rates worldwide.

At, we continuously expand our global shipping services to provide you with the most competitive rates, ensuring a cost-effective shipping experience.
  • We prioritize offering the most competitive shipping rates. Through our substantial volume, we have gained access to affordable options such as DHL, FedEx, and USPS for your convenience!
  • Maximize your savings by consolidating purchases from multiple brands into a single shipment.
  • We go the extra mile to ensure the secure and undamaged arrival of your items. Additionally, we remove unnecessary packaging, helping you save on shipping costs.
  • Forwardme stands out as the only company in its industry to achieve tax-free status, thanks to the support of our hundreds of thousands of members worldwide!
  • As a leading company in international shipping, Forwardme takes care of all your paperwork and ensures your safety with our extensive compliance expertise.

This is the perfect opportunity to have your favorite items from US stores delivered right to your doorstep.

Take advantage of this incredible deal and save up to 80% on international shipping while also enjoying the benefit of no US sales tax.

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Compare Forwardme to other shipping providers.

Forwardme offers a comprehensive shipping solution to meet all your needs. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as the most dependable and reputable shipping company in the United States.

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What’s included

  • enables international shoppers who are not residents of the United States to conveniently access a wide range of prominent American retailers, thereby expanding their shopping possibilities. Conversely, Stackry may not offer support for purchases from all American e-retailers, which restricts the choices accessible to customers.
  • excels in its package forwarding services, boasting a global presence that ensures unmatched reach and comprehensive coverage. In contrast, Stackry may not offer the same extensive worldwide reach and expertise, resulting in limitations to their service availability.
  • provides discounted carrier rates, making international shopping significantly cost-effective. In contrast, Stackry might impose higher shipping rates due to their less competitive carrier partnerships, which could potentially affect the affordability of their services.
  • provides three tiered membership packages (Free, Premium, and VIP) designed to cater to different customer needs. In contrast, Stackry don't offer any membership, thus you'll be have to pay for any action you want.
  • The 60-day storage offering in's Premium Membership, is much more superior to Stackry's 45 days of storage.
  • At, our customers enjoy the benefit of a complimentary 30-day storage period for package consolidation, providing them with enhanced flexibility. In contrast, Starckry may enforce more rigid timelines for consolidation. This grants you additional time to consolidate your packages and optimize your savings on shipping costs.
  • provides convenient mail forwarding services, allowing customers to easily forward their mail to a different address. In contrast, Stackry may not offer this feature, which could restrict the options available to customers who need their mail to be forwarded.
  • offers complimentary repackaging and parcel processing services, which result in cost savings for customers. In contrast, Stackry may charge additional fees for these value-added services.
  • is committed to transparent pricing, ensuring clarity and assurance regarding the costs involved. In contrast, Stackry's pricing structure may conceal hidden or unforeseen charges, compromising transparency for customers.
  • provides a convenient package return service that facilitates the smooth flow of reverse product logistics, enabling customers to effortlessly manage returns. In contrast, Stackry may not offer this feature, leaving customers solely responsible for handling returns on their own.
  • At, the security of customer data is our top priority. We employ secure end-to-end transaction processing to safeguard your personal information throughout the entire process. While Stackry also maintains a secure platform, they may not offer the same level of transparency and security assurances as we do. Logo


Make the most of Forwardme's flexible pricing page for a seamless and affordable international shipping experience. Check out our pricing page.

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Just like Forwardme, you can use Stackry for free as they don't offer any membership plans.

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