Flexible pricing for international shipping

It's always

Free USD

Best for int'l shoppers who ship once a month.

Access to:

  • 15 days of free storage
  • Your own U.S. address
  • US sales tax-free shopping
  • Free package processing
  • Free package repacking
  • Free invoice removal
  • White Glove Service


$7.5 USD

Best for int'l shoppers who ship packages at least once a month. Most preferred one!

All features in Free, plus:

  • Everything in Free membership
  • 45 days of free storage
  • Free content photo
  • Flexible shipping options
  • Discounted personal shopper fees
  • Discounted consolidation
  • Discounted add-ons


$49 USD

Best for int'l shoppers who can't live without shopping from US stores. Unlimited requests & service

All features in Premium, plus:

  • 120 days of free storage
  • Free Package Consolidation
  • Phone Support
  • Receive Mail (post)
  • Discounted package requests

Fair prices, no hidden fees

No subscriptions, no monthly fees. You’ll always see the fee upfront, and only pay for what you use.

Your Own U.S. address

With your Forwardme address, you can shop from thousands of US stores! We provide both New Jersey and Delaware addresses in the U.S., each providing unique advantages.

FREE for all memberships

US sales tax-free shopping

Forwardme helps you save on your shopping by shaving 7% off every purchase!

Our sales-tax-free address facility is available to all members

Storage days

By securely housing your purchases in our facility, you can save on the cost of multiple package delivery and hasten consolidation.

FREE - 15 days of storage
Premium - 45 days of storage
VIP - 120 days of storage

Free package processing

We take great care in receiving your deliveries and will be logged into your account by our operation facility employees so that you never have to worry about sending out anything important!

FREE for all memberships

Receive merchandise / parcels

Purchases from US retailers are delivered to your personal Forwardme shipping address, so you can shop without having to worry about your packages!

For free members, receiving items at our New Jersey address costs $1.50 per package, while premium members pay only $1.

At our Delaware address, the fee for receiving items is $3.25 per package for free members and $2 for premium members.

Free package repacking

Forwardme packing experts will ensure your purchases are protected and packaged in the most cost-effective way by repacking every box!

FREE for all memberships

Package consolidation

Consolidation is a method that involves merging multiple packages into a single box. By optimizing space and weight, this process can potentially save you up to 80% on shipping expenses.

For FREE members, the cost is $3.25 per package. For Premium members, it's $2.00 per package, and for VIP members, it's just $1.00 per package.
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Free content photo

For every package we receive, we'll take 1-3 exterior photos, allowing you to see precisely what was delivered. If you'd like further assurance, you can also request additional photos of your items or the box's serial number to confirm their safe arrival.

Extra pictures cost $6 for free members and $2 for premium members.

Fill out customs declaration

By requesting this service, we will utilize the packing slips from retailers that accompany your items to complete your US Customs Declaration. You can request this service for any package or consolidation you ship with Forwardme.

Extra pictures cost $5 for free members and $3 for premium members.

Flexible shipping options

Members can choose a specific carrier, or allow Forwardme to select the least expensive option so that they get the best rates for their destination and needs.

We have partnered with all major courier companies, including FedEx, DHL Express, UPS, USPS, and Aramex.

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper allows you to buy the things that are hard for people living in certain countries and with payment restrictions.

$8.50 fee
4.3% processing
8% commission
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Invoice removal

We will remove store invoices at your request.

FREE for all memberships

Shipping insurance

While not all carriers require insurance, it is generally recommended. We provide Shipping Insurance to cover the value of your package in case of damage or theft during transit, up to the amount declared on your customs form.

Insurance begins at $3 for every $100 of insured merchandise value.
Please note that content photos are required when purchasing insurance.

Overweight packages

For our customers, it's important to be aware of overweight packages. Packages weighing 50 lbs or more will incur a surcharge fee of $10 USD, while those weighing 70 lbs or more will incur a fee of $20 USD. For packages weighing 70 lbs or more.

Please contact customer service to obtain the exact fee and check carrier availability.

Pallet-sized package

Our operations facility team is capable of receiving pallet-sized packages using a forklift.

There is a fixed price of $30.

Special requests

Occasionally, your items may require more than just standard shipping, which is why we provide the option for Other Instructions. These instructions can encompass a range of services, from additional packaging for added security to completing your customs declaration on your behalf. We've highlighted some of our most popular Other Instructions for your reference.

$15 per half hour for all members.

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