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Experience stress-free international shopping with Forwardme. We provide precise shipping estimates, cutting-edge tracking information, and dedicated support from our friendly shipping team to ensure a seamless journey for your packages.


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Imagine, buying directly from your favorite brand. This is possible with Forward.me that lets you shop directly from US online stores. Forward.me is your one stop shop for everything about this year's major shopping events.

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Ship your items with no hassle

International shipping can be a major pain. We’ve got what you need to make the process less annoying. This is our solution to all your shipping headaches. We scan your orders and pick your items and consolidate them to one single package from our hubs across the world to your home. Smaller boxes, when appropriate, mean lower shipping fees.

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It is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to ship internationally. We'll take care of the rest of your shipment when you shop from your favorite US store. You can combine your items from different US stores to reduce shipping weight and have them delivered in 2–3 days in your country.

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