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  • Fastest service! I ordered from couple of stores in the USA to ship my home, Australia. I requested them to combine my shipments and as soon as everything arrived at Forward.me address, they consolidated and shipped next day and I choose to ship by FedEx (which they also provide Fedex express) and I've received my packages in 2 DAYS! It is faster than the other forwarder services I've ever used. It was very well packed and they didn't even forget to include coupons from the merchants. Excellent service!

  • Forward.me is such a great service !!! It isn't easy to find, I found them by chance and I don't really know how, I was looking for companies that propose this kind of service and for me it is the nicest.
    The team is very friendly ; I was skeptical at first because I had to give my credit card number (??), I contacted the support to ask to cancel my subscription and finally I could make my purchase without giving my informations.
    (I had to apologize because I was very agressive - I thought they were thieves - but they all stayed calm and friendly :) )
    Once the package arrived, I get 1 photo for free of the content of the box.
    Unfortunately (of course) I had to pay the customs fees once arrived.

    Forward.me is sterling ! Trust me, I really beware of internet and I always look for the best product, service etc..

    I am gonna make another purchase, and if needed I will update my review.

    Mme COULIBALY Sitan
  • i have now used this service repeatedly - they come through every time - highly recommended well done guys

    Andrew Smith
    South Africa
  • great, a little slow because covid and the holidays but after all great job

    miguel acevedo
  • Excellent service, including when helping to resolve problems. Very friendly and patient as well.

    Samir B
  • You need to give them time to acknowledge that your stuff has arrived to them, probably a week. Maybe they should state this premise on the website once you log in since people get impatient when they see the supplier has delivered but it doesn't show up on Forwardme

    Carlos Restrepo
  • Thanks, great service ūüĎćūüŹľ
    Keep going

    Saudi Arabia
  • Easy to use, fast shipping, love this company!!

    Jeff G.
  • I had a very professional new experience with forwardme that i did not had with most famous shipping forwarders i worked with. They have a very clear procedural dashboard with clear images of order‚Äôs receiving that make you rest assured of your delivered orders. They really have a great support team with fast and detailed reply, and the most important i have experienced is they took care of re-packaging two medium boxes in one single box without charging any additional fees, that made my package easier in clearance and less in shipping expenses‚Ķ Keep going greatly forward :)

    Mohammad D.
  • I left MyUS for their abysmal customer service. I moved to forward.me and had a MUCH better experience. Flexible, proactive, and very helpful, they made a difficult international customs issue MUCH simpler. Very pleased with the interface and protocols. I'm happy I found a service that actually works.

  • I had an amazing experience with this shipping service! My questions were answered very quickly and kindly. Their customer service (James) was really helpful. They even helped me with a special request. The website was really easy to use, and payment was clear and easy. There weren‚Äôt any hidden costs. They packaged my items carefully, and they arrived in perfect condition (and very fast, too). Overall, I had a great experience, and they helped me find and get some items I never would have been able to get otherwise.

  • So glad I decided to go with Forward.me! Such a pleasure to work with. Super friendly, FAST, and professional!!! Best experience with movers I've ever had!! Highly highly recommend!!! You will not regret it.

    William Jordan
    United Kingdom
  • Very easy process. clear instructions, reliable courier, and great value for money! I had a few queries before posting, and the team at forward.me were responsive and helpful. Thank you!

    Paul Kinkead
    United Kingdom
  • Forward.me is a good website for shipping to India. My experience was pretty smooth with my requests and worries addressed properly. Pricing was also reasonable with no hidden costs. I recommend this to everyone.

    Shalini THUKRAL
  • I am in Australia and have tried a few of these mailing services. Some have been more expensive. Some won't send multiple packages together. I have found forwardme to be the right internation postage site for me. The best part is that customer service. I had a package that was taking a little longer to arrive and I noticed that by the time it finally arrived, one of my other packages would be over the hold limit. I contacted support and explained the situation and I had no issues and could send everything out a few days late. Another time I had a duty tax problem in my country and I needed a form to be updated to fix things and they helped me out. I had accidentally added an extra 0 on the dollar amount. After showing all the receipts and that it had been a genuine mistake, they helped with emails and forms and just made the process a lot less painless. The postage price is a little unfortunate, but that is only because of the poor currency conversion that has been going on these past months. The price on their side is actually quite reasonable. Mostly I appreciate the positive customer service.

  • Very quality Serviced Must Try. Thanks a lot Fowardme i got my Iphone 13 pro max in time i will use you guys more now.

    Dima Pompee
  • Best costumer services ūüĎĆ, I total recommend their services.

    Mirline Esperance
  • I am so happy that I have come across Forward.me.
    I have been welcomed and provided with phenomenal services!

    James who attended to many of my initial emails was exceptional; his professionalism, knowledge and support are second to none! He guided me patiently and kindly through the whole process, from start to finish. James responded quickly, communicated clearly and made sure that all aspects of service are in place. The shipment was priced reasonably and to my amazement arrived to Australia within few days, (FedEx standard)! The services, with giant credits to James are exceptional, competent, and reliable in every possible aspect of quality customer care!!

    Many thanks James, for being super awesome, super kind and wonderful!!!

    And also loads of thank you's to Forward.me team of dedicated people for the labour of care and efficiency!

    Nina Lenarrd
  • A real 5 (five!) stars forward service. I received today box with jacket I purchased trought Forwardme personal shopper service. I want to congratulate to all the staff of Forwardme for the remarkable, efficent and sharp service they offer to customer. fast shipping, at reasonable fares, and careful support to customer to make clear and explain any doubt.
    Thanks by hearth and, of course, see you soon for next shippings Grazie da Roma Italy - Alessandro

    Alessandro Burla
  • First time using this kind of service, was a bit worried since there are not many reviews but I'm happy to say that everything went smoothly. Really happy with my purchase. I used the option that forwardme buy the product for me and it took 3 weeks to recieve the product (from US to Sweden). I also got my questions answered quickly! Will use Forwardme again if I need to purchase from US.

  • I have had couple of packages delivered to forward to combine for one shipment and I am reallt happy with them. Had a unfortunate situation of one package which showed delivered not being found, but it was full refunded after they spent some days trying to locate my package without success. The customer service is excellent and I specially want to name James and David. I will continue using forwardme

  • I used Forward.me for shopping on a US site that did not ship to Canada. By using their service, I was able to save more than 60$ for the same pair of running shoes. Service was A1 from start to finish, creating the account was a breeze and I was ready to ship to my US address in a couple of minutes.

    I had a couple of questions along the way and they were quick to respond to them.

    I will surely use their service again in the future and I highly recommend it!

  • 5-stars well deserved. bought some stuff from amazon.com and they send my packages in 3 days to Canada ! They were great, very quick and careful with everything. I had no issues working with them, very professional and what I loved most was how affordable everything came out to be

    Peter Bryan
  • Good service. I ordered stuff from US to India. Will be using again

  • I am really happy i found forward.me. I have saved a lot of money when buying from sites and combine shipping. Easy site to use and understand, no hassel at all. Great and friendly customer support. They also ship their items in protective boxes, it feels very safe :)

  • I ordered a figure that wasn‚Äôt in stock yet. It arrived later than expected, but customer service was great and I always received quick replies with status updates.

    After the figure arrived with Global Freaks, it was shipped quickly and arrived at my address within days. Everything looks good, the figures were securely packaged.

    I’m happy with my experience overall. A little patience is needed but I think that’s always the case when you pre-order something.

  • I used their service, this was my first experience with a shipping company. i saw a lot of reviews from different shipping companies, but when i talked to James it seemed to me that i should go with Forward.me. It was kind of due to more personalized chat with James. There are only two persons Jenna and James. Not a new agent every time, so you feel a closed relationship with them. Sometimes there was a delay in communication but all went fine in the end. I definitely recommend them!

    Nina Lenarrd
  • Blvcks makes shopping so easy. Their amazing site interface and sizing measurements helped me buy the jacket I wanted with just a couple clicks! International Shipping is so fast. Fantastic experience

    –†—É–ī–ł–ļ–į –ö—Ā–Ķ–Ĺ—Ė—Ź
  • They need some development and improvement + adding new carriers and we hope that will happen in the future and the site looks good and attractive better than other sites Customer service, James is a good person and answers questions clearly... good prices... i recommend using them...

    United States
  • I needed to get a lot of items shipped to Cuba.
    We had gone through a lot of companies and none of them were as helpful and honest as Forwardme.
    They went above and beyond with the follow ups to give us peace of mind and let us know exactly where the shipments were and when exactly they would be delivered.
    I was glad we used Forwardme as they had exceptional customer service.

    Billy Roy
    United Kingdom
  • I bought several items with their help, the support was always present and in the end everything went well, so highly recommended!!

  • I have been a loyal customer of Forwardme for years, and they continue to exceed my expectations. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering packages on time is commendable. The user-friendly interface allows me to easily manage my shipments, and their customer support team is responsive and helpful. Forwardme is my go-to choice for international shipping, and I wholeheartedly recommend them for their reliability, affordability, and exceptional service.

    Tolga √Ėzer
  • I'd like to thank these wonderful people:
    - James for his patience in answering my questions, and guiding me through the process.
    - Jenna for the thoughtful service (packing, etc). It's one thing to put things together, but something else (sincerity and goodness of nature) to ensure that some things need consolidation, and some do not.

    Imagine a family member sending you something - It will not have gift-packing or gold ribbons, but you bet it will be packed with care, and is as-reasonably-priced-as-possible.

  • I can't say enough good things about Forwardme! The level of professionalism and attention to detail they displayed throughout my shipping process was exceptional. From start to finish, they handled everything flawlessly, ensuring that my packages were securely delivered. Their competitive pricing and wide range of shipping options were an added bonus. If you're in need of reliable international shipping, look no further than Forwardme!

    Sibel √Ėzdemir
  • Very helpful great service. I got my package in a reasonable amount of time and always had support available/

    Azariah Engelbrecht
    South Africa
  • This was my first time using a forwarding Address service. I messaged forward me on their online chat as the store I wanted to order from was not listed. The Customer Service staff member added the store to the list of stores I could order from and answered other questions that I had. I then followed the very simple process of using the address given to order from the store. I added the details to my little dashboard, and when my parcel arrived, I was notified and could choose the delivery company. Overall, the experience was very straightforward and very reassuring and trustworthy. I‚Äôm so grateful to be able to order things from America that I cannot purchase in Australia. Thank you so much, Forwardme

  • I started using ForwardMe when some indie companies in the US were unable to keep shipping to Australia during the 2020 lockdowns. I found ForwardMe after doing some research, and I haven't stopped since. The platform is really easy to use, and their customer support is very quick and efficient. I've never had a problem with the service and when I've had trouble with the delivery partners they've made sure to get in touch and investigate what's going on on my behalf. I recommend ForwardMe often to friends and family and will continue to use it.

    Ines Pedroza
  • Our experience with Forwardme has been great so far, they have met every expectation! We had a bit of an issue with Fedex (the carrier) with regards to the Commercial Invoice, and I emailed James at Forwardme and he was quick to follow up and send through the Commercial Invoice. We will continue our journey of ordering our products from the USA through Forwardme.

    Donnay Van Den Heever
    South Africa
  • First time using a mail forwarding service. Initially, I was afraid that it might be a scam because the site looked SO easy to use. But after talking with fast and responsive customer support, I changed my mind. I had some issues using the service (tax fees are not listed for some countries (e.g., Georgia); the Stripe payment system does not support banks in some countries) and with delivery, but the support helped me solve them and accompanied me from purchase to delivery.

    Uladzimir Sernatski
  • I'm from Italy and bought a MacBook Pro M1 16gb 1tb from Amazon.com. I paid it over 2k. I've never used a similar service before and didn't know they existed. Gotta be honest, at first, I thought I was scammed lol and I wrote them many times using their chat. They always answered me within a few hours and told me to not worry. Now I'm writing this review from my new MacBook and I can assure any of you, that this company is legit. Side note: I didn't know I had to pay VAT and taxes to have it shipped to Italy, and I saved only 100 euros instead of the 400-500 euros I thought initially, but this is not Forwardme's fault.

  • I briefly describe my experience with forwardme redirector. I had an unforgettable experience, I won't go into detail so as not to be too extensive. All that is good is to be remembered and I will remember it whenever I need to shop in the USA for Angola (Ao na casa shout do Lobito, Luanda). It is recommended for the professionalism they offer.

  • Wow these guys are pros! I expected it to be very difficult to relocate, however, the team at Forwardme were very helpful and accommodating to my needs. They were professional and made no mistake in communicating with me to assure my needs were fulfilled. As for timing, they were spot on. I didn't have to wait any extra time. The shipping prices were very affordable. I would like to recommend this shipping company to everybody.

    Olliver Harry
    United Kingdom
  • Have used their service several times since mid of 2021. James and his team mates are always helpful to my needs. Keep doing better and great services.

    Adi Putra
  • I'm using Forward.me services for a magazine that only ships in the U.S. I'm receiving my magazine in Canada in only a couple of days after it arrives in the suite at Forward.me. So far I have an excellent experience with them!

    Martin Larochelle
  • Used this service to forward a purchase from the US to Israel.

    Great service. Would recommend to others and I would definitely use again.

    Emily Wang
  • I had a package forwarded and the process has been really smooth. The package arrived in my inbox pretty soon and was forwarded to me quickly. I would definitely use them again!

    Charissa Hofmeijer