The Best Days to Shop from the United States

by Forwardme·Aug 18, 2020
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Whether you’re a bona fide shopaholic or just a super keen bargain hunter, it’s impossible to spend much time shopping online and not be aware of the special deals that happen in the United States.

In fact, the shopping year is basically broken up into a variety of sales and deals per month as we race through to the holy grail of discounted shopping: Black Friday.

But not all sales are created equal—in fact, you’ll find that certain products are inextricably linked to specific major sales. We've compiled a list of the ultimate best days to shop from the United States to help you stay on top of what's coming up on the calendar—and what you should be aware of.

Not only that but make sure you read to the end to find out how you can take advantage of these incredible sales, as well as 0% sales tax and some of the most competitive international shipping deals.

One important note before we get started: many US sale dates don’t fall on a specific date but rather on a specific weekend. It’s worth checking the date for this year to make sure you don’t miss out on a bargain!


January starts out with some compelling deals through the New Year's sales, which typically run the first week of the new year.

Later in January, Martin Luther King Jr. Day (usually around the 17th–19th of January) is a long weekend where you can also find some impressive sales.

Important Days

  • New Years Sale
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the third Monday in January

Best things to buy in January

  • Winter clothing As stores try to shift stock for spring/summer fashion, it’s worth looking around to find up to 50% off winter apparel. January is usually the best time to look for items, as there’s the largest amount of stock.
  • Linens, towels, and soft furnishings What was traditionally known as a “white sale”, you’ll find that many department stores and home goods specialists run sales on linens and towels throughout January.
  • Televisions There tends to be an impressive sale in the price of televisions running up to Super Bowl weekend, which is usually the first weekend in February. So check out big box stores, warehouse clubs, and electronics stores to get a solid discount on a new TV.


While February is a less discount-heavy month than January, you’ll still find that there are a couple of chances to find a bargain.

Post-Valentine’s Day can be a great time to snap up a bargain or two, and the third weekend of the month is President’s Day.

Important Days

  • Valentine’s Day, 14th February
  • Presidents' Day, the third Monday in February

Best things to buy in February

  • Jewelry Just after Valentine’s Day, you’ll find that many jewelry stores are trying to clear excess stock - this includes checking out the offerings from high-ticket department stores.
  • Mattresses and home appliances During the Presidents' Day long weekend, it’s well worth seeing what you can get for your home at markdown prices.


While at first glance, March might seem quiet on the sales front, it’s also a month of transition, as people change from winter thinking to that spring feeling.

This means that it’s well worth looking around for “winter things” in March, as industries start to change over.

Important Days

  • St Patrick’s Day, 17th March

Best things to buy in March

  • Ski Gear As ski season comes to a close for another year, you’ll find that outdoor supply stores are selling skis and ski wear at knock-down prices.
  • Irish-themed anything While you might not find yourself looking for a large amount of green beer, the week before St Patrick’s Day is a great time to find bargains on Irish-styled jewelry, and travel packages to Ireland. The 18th of March is the best time for the largest discounts.


As we enter spring, it’s time to think about spring cleaning, Easter rabbits, and the environment.

Important sales days

  • Easter
  • Earth Day, April 22nd

Best things to buy in April

  • Home cleaning and organizing Many retailers will be running discounts on everything from cleaning supplies to organization systems.
  • Eco-friendly everything Earth Day is a great time to stock up on your environmentally friendly and sustainable goods, as people focus on saving the planet.
  • Formal wear While stores themselves are typically closed on Easter Sunday, it can be an excellent time to take advantage of the sales running up to Easter - especially for smart children’s wear.


In the US, the second Sunday in May is always Mother’s Day, so look out for deals and specials on gifts for mothers.

Meanwhile, the last Monday in May is Memorial Day. This creates a three-day weekend, and stores often have great sales on clothing and appliances.

Important sales days

  • Mother's Day, the second Sunday in May
  • Memorial Day, the last Monday in May

Best things to buy in May

  • Gifts for Her Running up to May 10, look out for sales and special deals on jewelry, perfume, and popular Mother's Day Gifts
  • Spring clothing Stores are now trying to rid themselves of as many spring items as possible to make way for summer fashions. Clearance racks are usually a great place to check for bargains.
  • Appliances When it comes to buying large household appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers, Memorial Day is one of the best days of the year for getting a good deal.


As we’re heading into the summer months, there aren’t so many prominent sales days. However, there are a few things you can get on sale that are worth keeping an eye out for.

Not tied to one particular date, June is also graduation season for those in schools of all ages, and so celebration items can enjoy special pricing.

Important sales days

Father's Day, the third Sunday in June

Best things to buy in June

  • Home Improvement Items Obviously not just for the man of the house, you’ll find that running up to Father’s day, there are plenty of sales on home improvement goods, tools, and grills.


Like June, shopping in July is less competitive, which is probably why Amazon introduced Prime Day. The official date is rarely announced much before the actual day, but there becomes a great market for deals as stores try to keep up with the online giant.

Important sales days

  • Independence Day, July 4th
  • Amazon Prime Day, mid-July

Best things to buy in July

  • Furniture: A staple of the Fourth of July is the sales that happen on furniture.
  • Technology: Amazon Prime Day has made discounts on smart home devices, games, TVs, and computers the norm for July


While there are no specific sale dates in August, it's a great time to take advantage of the time before schools reopen.

Best things to buy in August

  • Summer Clothing As we enter the autumn, check out deals on bathing costumes, summer dresses, and shorts.
  • School supplies and technology From notebooks to laptops, you’ll find that many stores are offering special discounts in the runup to schools and universities reopening.


As we start to look down the barrel of winter, you’ll find that September is a great time to get deals on summer staples, such as things for outdoor entertaining.

Important sales days

  • Labor Day, the first Monday in September

Best things to buy in September

  • Outdoor furniture and grills Labor Day is considered the end of “grilling season”, so you’ll find many discounts on all elements of outdoor entertaining.
  • School clothing September is a great time to enjoy discounts on back-to-school sales, as well as appliances and mattresses.


Important sales days

  • Columbus Day/ Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the second Monday in October
  • Halloween, 31st October

Best things to buy in October

  • Apple products, especially older iPhones Apple usually announces the latest round of releases in September, for shipping in November. This means that you can often get some great discounts on the older generations of Apple tech.
  • Home goods While Columbus Day/ Indigenous Peoples’ Day aren’t guaranteed to be a day off, many retailers will offer sales on home goods and mattresses.

November, home of Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Deals and bargains available in the United States center around Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving happens on the fourth Thursday of November and leads to a weekend of incredible deals and shopping discounts.

Important sales days

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday, the weekend after Thanksgiving

Things to buy

The nature of November sales has shifted, as retailers in the US make this one of the biggest sales in the calendar.

Black Friday was traditionally the day after Thanksgiving; however, many stores now offer discounts the entire week of Thanksgiving. These sales culminate on Cyber Monday when online deals and final Black Friday markdowns happen.

This is an incredible time to buy pretty much anything—from technology to travel deals, you’ll find this is the best time of the year to enjoy the lowest prices for many products.


At the end of the year, you’ll find things competitively priced leading up to Christmas and then dramatically reduced between Christmas and the New Year.

Important sales days

  • Super Saturday, the Saturday before Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve

Best things to buy in December

  • Toys and Games The closer you get to Christmas, you’ll notice that items are more aggressively marked down
  • Everything? From Super Saturday to January 1st, you’ll find that last-minute deals and deep discounts are offered in many stores.

Cheaper Ways to Shop from the United States

Obviously, many of these sales days are specifically for those who are based in the US. However, if you have friends or relatives in the country, you can also take advantage of these deals.

But do you have to miss out on the sales if you don’t have a personal connection to the US? Not anymore!

Forwardme is giving you a permanent US street address that’s yours and free for life. Based in Delaware, this also means that you’ll enjoy 0% sales tax on your purchases year-round.

With your import taxes and duties worked out and paid upfront, there are no hidden surprises once you’ve placed your order. We ship via some of the best international shipping firmsFedExDHLUSPS, and Aramex. As soon as your goods are shipped from our warehouse, they’ll be with you with very little delay.

If you have any problems with your credit card being accepted by US retailers, your personal shopping concierge can buy the goods for you, and you can track the process from sale to shipping via your Forwardme account.

With all of these options, there really is no reason that you can’t shop to your heart’s content throughout the year, making the most of these incredible US shopping days.

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