How to avoid canceled orders?

International ShippingOctober 26, 2022

How to avoid canceled orders? Use Personal Shopper to avoid this trouble!

Shopping from the United States can be tricky, and salty depending on the situation you are in, but using a forwarder can greatly reduce these costs on your behalf, but there are more important things other than only the cost of the item, and shipping costs which are the item itself.  Using a forwarder, like Forwardme, will allow you to shop from the United States to ship them anywhere in the world, but sometimes big retailers like Apple, BestBuy, and HP can cancel your order if your delivery address is a forwarder address. 

Let’s say, you want to buy a new Macbook or iPhone for your beloved one, but after you placed the order, they canceled your order due to the delivery address. The solution is simple. You can use the Personal Shopper service to surpass this issue.

Why my orders are getting canceled?

Major companies like Samsung, Target, and others cancel their orders if you use a forwarder address, this is because either they are making the exporting and importing most of the countries, or they do not trust freight forwarding services as this is most probably will international shipping. They want to make international trade done by them and you have to pay the taxes on your country, and thus they even reject the idea of cost-effective ocean freight. 

What should I do?

When canceling your order, they will provide you with an excuse for the cancellation, and they notify you about it. The order will be canceled in the shipping processes which means in the latest step of the order once they realize the final destination with a mode of transportation.

How to avoid canceled orders?

 In order to purchase the items, and ship them via international freight, go through customs clearance to clear your package, we strongly recommend you use the Personal Shopper service of parcel forwarders. 

What is a parcel forwarder?

The parcel forwarder is the middleman between the retailer and the buyer who will allow you to ship your package internationally, shop from different countries, get your cargo insurance and ship your package cost-efficiently. The forwarder has lots of benefits you can take advantage of too.

What is Personal Shopper?

Personal Shopper is your own shopper in the United States!He/she will buy the items on your behalf and be sure your item is delivered to our warehouse safe and sound under your name. Moreover, this service will allow you to save money on many more occasions too. 

How can I use the Shopper?

Registering to Forwardme will allow you to use the Personal Shopper service as you wish! After registering, and logging into your account, click on the Personal Shopper button and proceed with the details! You can place your order in under 2 minutes which is a game-changer! 

You can shop from multiple stores!

Forwarders offer you to shop from multiple stores for your order! In order to shop online, you are not required to place different orders for each of them. You can purchase multiple products from multiple stores and retailers in one order! Shopping from multiple stores will save you a lot of time and hassle!

Will they cancel my order if I use Personal Shopper?

Personal Shopper order’s delivery address is not a warehouse or any other location, our shoppers will use their own Forwardme address to avoid this issue. After they bought the item, they will deliver the item to us, and we will process them into your account so that you can ship them as you like!

These simple steps will allow you to lower the shipping cost, and lower the canceled order rate, and you get your items hassle-free. Even though working with major companies can be easier, sadly in this case, this is completely the opposite of it. Being able to get your items is one of the good sides of this story, but the whole story is completely different than it might seem.