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Streamline your shopping: discover mail forwarding services

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If you are a shopping enthusiast, you would know how costly and troubling international shipping can be. Especially if you are shopping from multiple retailers at a time. From postage rates to taxes and insurance, shoppers are faced with many deterrent aspects and some back out altogether from shopping from abroad due to all the side hustles.

Actually, international shipping doesn’t have to be that complicated and problematic. Does a mailing address in the country where you are shopping from sound like an advantage to you? If so, you will love the idea of a package forwarding service.

While we are shopping from eBay.comAmazon.com or similar retailers overseas, we have all thought of asking a friend in the country to help us out for the pick-up or the first phase of the delivery. Think of your mail forwarder as that friend and much more besides. If you are shopping from the US and you want to find out what that particular friend can offer you, let’s move on to the next section:

Benefits of using a package forwarding provider

Local delivery address in the US

What a mail forwarding provider does is simply receive your package from the seller and handle the long-distance shipping on behalf of the seller.

Your partner can offer you a street address in the US, where all your purchases will be delivered to. You can simply provide this address to the seller at checkout as you are shopping online. Most retailers in the US offer free shipping to locations in the country. Therefore, until your goods are shipped from the US to your country, it is highly likely that there will be no costs involved.

Transparent and smooth communication

Package forwarding providers contact their customers through multiple channels and facilitate tracking. As soon as your order is received at the warehouse facility of your provider in the US, you will be notified via e-mail. Using your account, you can view, track, and manage all of your packages day and night. You can monitor the status of your shipment in real-time and receive assistance at any moment if you have questions in mind.

Much lower shipping rates

Shipping rates are minimized by three major services:

  • Repacking and resizing: By repacking your merchandise and reducing the volume of your packages, your forwarding partner can help you save up to 80% on shipping fees.
  • Consolidation: Similarly, if you have multiple deliveries, you can consolidate them in a single parcel and receive them all at once, which saves you from repeated shipping fees.

No surprising tax and duty payments

Shoppers naturally don’t fancy additional or unexpected costs. When you use a forwarding partner, you don’t need to worry about the import tax and duties, since they would be paid upfront and would not be reflected as a separate cost. Therefore, your expenses would be limited to your purchase and the forwarding fee.

Again, depending on the location of your provider, you may be exempt from paying the US sales tax. For example, Forwardme offers a 0% rate, since its headquarter is in Delaware, whereas the tax rate is 8.8% in New York, 9% in California, and 7% in Florida.

Faster and right-on-time delivery

Regardless of your location, after you release your package from the quarters of your forwarder, you can receive it in a few days. Instead of dealing with ambiguous and estimated shipping dates offered by retailers, you know your exact transit date, and thus, you can safely plan for giving a gift on a special day!

Reliable and secure shipping service

Your reshipping provider securely stores your purchases at their warehouse. If you wish, your packages can be resized, and packages can be reinforced with additional materials for further protection. Packages can be inspected before they leave the states, which means that you can have a preliminary control point. You also get to choose your shipping carrier from a more extensive selection than any other retailer can offer you alone.

If you like these solutions, you don’t only need a package forwarding partner, but rather need Forwardme as your provider. Try out our service for free today to ship your purchases from the USA to 220 countries.

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