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Off-White: A New Vision of Fashion

Off-White: A New Vision of FashionArticle updated on Aug 5, 2021

Off-White might seems a little off the cusp with its unique website design and unique fashion choices. This luxury Italian label was founded by American designer Virgil Abloh and has collaborated with huge names, including Nike, Levi’s, Jimmy Choo, and even Ikea. 

Off-White: A New Vision of Fashion II

In 2012, the company was incorporated in Milan; prior to its incorporation, it was known as “Pyrex Vision." In 2019, the brand got another name attached to it when Jose Neves, the owner of Farfetch, purchased New Guards Group, which is the parent organization of Off-White.

The Story of Off-White

The Story of Off-White

Off-White is known as modern-day streetwear and as a fashion and streetwear hybrid brand. It is said that Off-White started with a vision from Virgil, who is also one of the lead artistic directors of Louis Vuitton.

The Story of Off-White with products

Prior to Off-White, Virgil had Pyrex Vision, which got into hot water after discovering that the company was applying its logos to Ralph Lauren clothes and reselling them.

The Story of Off-White with products II

After Pyrex Vision was incorporated into Off-White, Virgil stayed on board to help create an avant-garde style with cult apparel that would resonate with the streetwear community and turn into a premium fashion trend. The company explains its unique name as “the grey color zone in between black and white.”

Where to Get Off-White

You can always visit the company's website to buy clothes that you like, but there are other options as well. Companies like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom sell this luxury brand in stores and on their websites.

Where to Get Off-White

There’s also a large variety of online retailers that sell this luxury streetwear as well, especially when it comes to their shoe department. You can also check out all the companies Off-White has collaborated with, like Nike, and they can lead you to where you can purchase their items as well.

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