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Sezane shopping with Forwardme

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Are you a fashion lover dreaming of shopping from the latest collections of the finest French brands? Does your heart flutter at the thought of adorning yourself with classy, chic Parisian styles, but you stumble upon the harsh reality that your favorite brand doesn't ship to your home country? You are not alone in this, and we, at Forwardme, have heard your concerns and have a remarkable solution for you!

General information on Sezane

Emerging from the romantic and enchanting city of Paris, Sezane is a brand that has been creating ripples in the fashion industry with its top-notch quality and splendid designs. Known for its remarkable craftsmanship and sustainable fashion practices, Sezane is committed to creating lasting pieces, defining it as one of the best brands to shop from in the US. However, a major stumbling block for many international fashionistas has been, " Does Sezane US ship internationally?" Until recently, the unfortunate answer was no. But fret not, because with Forwardme, you can now indulge in shopping from the US effortlessly.

What can you purchase from Sezane?

At Sezane, a plethora of alluring products are waiting for you. Their ready-to-wear line features clothing that personifies Parisian elegance and style. From chic Sezane dresses tailored to perfection, to versatile tops, snazzy jackets, and stylish denim, there's a unique piece for every season and every event. So, if you've been contemplating where to shop for summer from the US, look no further because Sezane is your go-to destination for alluring, breezy, and elegant summer attire.

Their footwear collection is as diverse and stylish as their clothing. Whether you're hunting for boots that scream style or looking for a pair of comfortable sandals for a beach day, Sezane shoes have got you covered. Sezane online shopping is designed to make your shopping journey smooth, enjoyable, and efficient. With easy navigation and well-categorized products, your perfect pick is just a few clicks away.

Price range of Sezane

Despite its status as a luxury brand, Sezane's pricing is remarkably accessible. Their dresses usually range from $100-$200, while tops and knitwear fall between $85-$150. The footwear, renowned for its comfort and design, is typically priced between $150-$250. Every piece you purchase from Sezane is a manifestation of high quality, unique designs, and sustainable production, making it a worthy fashion investment.

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Shop from Sezane, ship internationally

We understand the disappointment of finding your dream clothing or accessory online, only to realize that the brand doesn't ship to your location. But worry no more! Forwardme offers an unparalleled solution for all international shopping enthusiasts. We enable you to shop from the US and ship internationally without any hiccups. We're proud to deliver to over 220 countries worldwide at affordable rates.

When you join our family, you receive a free US address in one of our two strategic warehouses, making your US shopping sale experience seamless. For shoppers seeking savings, we offer a tax-free address in the United States, allowing you to shop more while spending less.


Never again should you worry about limitations or boundaries when it comes to satisfying your fashion cravings. Be it the latest Sezane dresses or the most comfortable pair of Sezane shoes, Forwardme brings you the joy of experiencing the best of international fashion. We bridge the gap between your fashion dreams and reality by providing a convenient, reliable, and affordable international shipping service.

Here's to making global fashion local and shopping internationally without any hurdles. Here's to Forwardme, your trusted partner for all your US shopping sales. Happy shopping, and even happier shipping! As a final note, remember to sign up with Forwardme to receive your own free US address and the option for a tax-free address in the United States. It's time to make the world your fashion runway with Forwardme and Sezane. Now, you can embrace the joy of shopping from the US and the excitement of unboxing your favorite fashion pieces at home, without worrying about international shipping. At Forwardme, we are committed to bringing you closer to the world of fashion, one shipment at a time.

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