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Eco-friendly sneakers: step towards sustainable fashion

A new world! Sustainable sneakers! Article updated on Apr 29, 2021

The sustainable movement has been around for many years, but it wasn't so popular in the fashion industry. Vegan, eco-friendly, and organic materials are used to create original designs nowadays as a part of sustainable consumption.

With the ongoing climate crisis, sustainability in the fashion industry is more critical than ever. Shopping habits continue to evolve. Younger generations, in particular, have an impact on the fashion industry. They have completely new demands about what they want to consume.

There are a lot of exciting things happening in the fashion industry in terms of material innovation. In the past few months, many sneaker brands have been remaking some of their most popular shoe styles with some plant-based, eco-friendly materials or entirely plant-based parts. 

Nike's Space Hippie 01 Sneaker

What makes Space Hippie 01 so unique? Nike's original description of the model as "trash" is both literal and figurative because it literally uses trash to emphasize this sustainable approach. These shoes are made from at least 25% recycled materials measured by weight. The uppers are constructed from "Space Waste Yarn." The material is made from about 75% recycled polyester, which comes from t-shirts or PET bottles. Renewable Crater Foam is used to make the midsoles of the Space Hippie 01, proving that the entire shoe truly is made from "trash" in the best way possible. Each shoe gets a slightly squiggly Nike Swoosh on the side with speckled accents from foam scraps.

New Balance x Jaden Smith Vision Racer Sneaker

New Balance's collaboration with Jaden Smith made them produce vegan-friendly shoes. Jaden Smith is very interested in eco-friendly products, so New Balance gave the Vision Racer sneaker model a new look for Earth Day this year. It joins the ReWorked series. This new model is entirely focused on a sustainable approach. The latest Vision Racer is made using 74% SPINNEX fiber, 16% recycled polyester, and 10% spandex. The upper of the shoe has holes and is made of open mesh, which makes it easy to breathe and comfortable to run in. The sneaker also has a rubber outsole with circular-patterned lugs to provide traction on multiple surfaces. 

Asics Tarther Blast

You are what you wear. Asics knows this, and that's why the company has been passionate about making products that are high-performance and good for the environment. The brand prepared a special line to celebrate Earth Day. Tarthier Blast is one of the stars of the line. Elements of nature are used to create a silhouette that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The brand calls the action "Move for the Planet."

These Tarther Blast shoes are made using recyclable materials throughout the upper in a creamy hue for an earthy palette. A solution dyeing process is used to create the sock liner, which reduces carbon emissions and water usage. 

Rebook's Nano x1 Vegan Sneakers

Reebok's Nano X1 Vegan Training Shoes are the perfect fit for your active lifestyle, women. It offers a plant-based approach. It has the same style and function as its predecessor, the popular Nano X1 line. The vegan Reebok Nano X1's are made with at least 40 percent bio-based materials and are designed for everything from running and walking to lifting weights. Made with a vegan synthetic upper, these athletic shoes feature a mesh lining to keep you cool and comfortable as you work out. The EVA midsole gives you lightweight cushioning, and the rubber outsole gives you grip on different surfaces. Wear these sneakers with your favorite workout gear and get ready to take on whatever comes your way! 

Nike's Victory G Lite Shoes

Nike introduces the Victory G Lite sneaker, a light and sleek design made with a sustainability approach. The Victory G Lite was crafted to be at home both on and off the course with its color options.

The upper of the shoe is made with a breathable textile to provide comfort and durability while also keeping your feet dry. The foundation for this supportive foam midsole is a water-repelling membrane that will keep you feeling fresh all day long. One of the most convenient features of these shoes is that they are made from at least 20% recycled materials. 

Stan Smith Forever

Adidas Originals' timeless and popular tennis shoe Stan Smith now says hello to fans with the new Stan Smith, Forever.

This updated sustainable version of the Stan Smith is made from recycled materials and includes a sleek design that looks just like the original. These sustainable shoes are inspired by planet Earth, with unique designs and pops of bright green.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Adidas will stop using plastic and only use recycled polyester by 2024. 

Mushroom Leather Stan Smith

Mushroom Leather Stan Smith

Adidas continues its legacy with the Stan Smith sneaker as it releases a vegan version called 'Stan Smith Mylo'.

We are not very familiar with Mylo. It is a revolutionary material created using the underground roots of mushrooms (mycelium). The material surprisingly has the feel and look of traditional animal-based leather. The upper is created from Mylo – a synthetic material that offers the look and feel of leather while being more sustainable than traditional materials. This sustainable, bio-based innovation allows us to create products that are soft, supple, and lightweight while also being strong and durable. The use of Mylo will enable us to reduce our overall environmental impact by reducing waste, water usage, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions. It is a renewable alternative and also soft and supple. The new version of the classic shoe, which was first released in 1971, is made with a natural rubber midsole and features a perforated 3-Stripes design on the side panels. Bolt Threads, a biotechnology firm that develops plant-based materials, is the partner of Adidas to make vegan alternatives for its traditionally leather-based shoes.

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