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Best pet toys: A guide to buying the perfect toys from the US

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As pet parents and enthusiasts, we understand the great significance of playtime for our furry companions. Play not only maintains their physical activity and mental stimulation but also fosters bonding opportunities with their caregivers.

This is where great US-made pet toys shine and trust us, they're not all created equal! Distinctive, high-quality, and innovative pet toys from the United States have made a splash on the global scene, drawing the attention of pet lovers everywhere.

But why the emphasis on US pet toys? A primary reason is the promise of quality. If, like us, you regard your pets as family, you'd want toys that are safe, long-lasting, and enjoyable. We've observed that toys made in the US often offer this assurance. Then there's the matter of variety.

We relish the experience of sifting through numerous toys, each boasting a unique feature or function. Whether your pet is an avid chewer, a fetch fan, or a snug cuddler, the vast selection in the US market ensures you'll find a toy tailored to their tastes.

So, get ready as we embark on an exciting journey through the dynamic universe of online stores for pets. We'll shed light on the latest toy trends, the leading brands, and, crucially, how to procure these toys for our cherished pets, wherever in the world we might be.

Safety First: Tips for Choosing Pet Toys from the US

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When purchasing pet toys, safety should always be the foremost concern. Regardless of the shopping location, be it in the US or elsewhere, the well-being of our furry companions should remain uncompromised. Having once acquired a toy that proved hazardous to a kitten, we can attest to the significance of being discerning. So, how can one ensure the chosen toy is safe for their pet? Here are some guidelines to consider when selecting pet toys from the US:

Examine the Toy's Dimensions and Components

Choosing the right chew toy and size can avert numerous potential risks. For instance, larger dogs might attempt to swallow smaller toys. It's vital to ensure the toy isn't easily ingestible or poses a choking threat. This also applies to toys with tiny, removable pieces. If a toy can break into small shards, it might pose a serious choking hazard.

Consider the Material

Ever had a pet demolish a brand-new chew toy in mere moments? It's not only disappointing but potentially hazardous. Steer clear of toys crafted from soft plastic that can be effortlessly chewed and ingested. Instead, gravitate towards durable plastics or rubber. For fabric toys, ensure they are sturdily stitched and free from harmful fillings or adornments.

Heed Age Recommendations

Indeed, similar to children's playthings, pet toys often come with age advisories. A toy suitable for a mature dog might pose a danger to a first pup or teething pup. Always review and check the age guidelines and factor in your pet's personality and chewing tendencies.

Exercise Caution with Sound-Producing Toys

While some pets might adore toys that jingle or squeak, others could find such noises distressing. If a pet exhibits anxiety or hostility towards a squeaker or sound-emitting toy, it's advisable to discard it. Moreover, ensure that the sound mechanism of a good toy is firmly integrated to help to prevent ingestion.

Prioritize Toys Screened for Toxicity

Exposure to chemicals is an often neglected pet safety concern. Seek toys that have undergone toxicity evaluations and sidestep those containing detrimental dyes, plastics, or substances. Look for labels indicating 'BPA-free' or 'non-toxic'.

Acquiring toys from the US can offer our pets a plethora of entertaining and inventive options for play with. However, always prioritize safety. By adhering to these precautionary measures, we can ensure we enjoy a secure and enjoyable play setting for our pets to enjoy.

Quality Matters: How to Identify Durable Pet Toys from the US

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For those of us with pets that seem to obliterate toys almost as soon as they get them (I often joke that my Jake could be a contender in a destruction derby!), assessing the quality and resilience of a pet or dog toy also becomes crucial before buying. The US market offers a vast selection of premium, enduring pet toys, but knowing the signs of durability is beneficial. Here are some pointers to help discern long-lasting pet and dog toys from the US:

Assess the Workmanship

Given the significant time our pets invest in their toys, subpar craftsmanship can lead to premature wear and tear. Look for robust stitching and bolstered seams (especially in plush toys), and ensure there aren't any parts that could be easily chewed off. A toy of inferior quality can quickly be destroyed by our pet's sharp teeth or nails. And seeing stuff scattered across a recently cleaned carpet is a scene many of us would rather avoid!

Material Selection is Crucial

The composition of the toy plays a pivotal role in its lifespan. Rubber-based toys, such as the 'KONG Extreme', are celebrated for their durability and generally outlast plush or rope alternatives. Furthermore, choose toys crafted from non-toxic substances to prioritize your pet's safety. The durability of a good toy should never compromise our pet's health.

Opt for Reputable Brands

Sometimes, it's advisable to invest a little more in a quality dog toy from a renowned brand. Brands like 'ChuckIt!', 'Outward Hound', and 'KONG' have earned their reputation for producing meticulously crafted and sturdy pet toys. Their offerings are known to endure rigorous play. Kong dog toys, for instance, are consistently popular in many households.

Pay Attention to Reviews and Feedback

Lastly, when shopping online, don't overlook the importance of reviews and ratings. These offer firsthand insights into a toy's robustness and longevity. Reviews can reveal whether a toy withstood the fervor of a particularly aggressive chewer or if it didn't meet expectations. When browsing feedback, it's helpful to seek comments from owners with pets of similar temperaments and energy levels.

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If you share my sentiments, then the well-being and joy of our furry friends rank high on our list of concerns! Much like the dynamic world of human trends, the pet toy landscape is constantly changing, introducing new styles, designs, and functionalities tailored to the varied preferences of our four-legged pals. Within the US pet toy industry, several emerging trends have piqued our interest.

Pet toys you can buy for your friend;

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Finding discount codes

To find discount codes for prominent pet stores like PetSmart, Petco, Chewy, BarkBox, and Kong Company, there are several strategies you can employ. First, consider subscribing to the newsletters of these retailers, as they often send exclusive coupons and promotions to their subscribers. Additionally, joining their loyalty or rewards programs can grant you access to special deals and points-based discounts.

Another effective method is to visit reputable coupon websites, such as RetailMeNot,,, or Honey, where users frequently share the latest promo codes and deals. Social media platforms, especially the official pages of these retailers on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, can also be a goldmine for exclusive promotions and flash sales. Lastly, during major shopping events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, these stores often offer significant discounts, so it's worth keeping an eye out during those times.

How can I ship internationally?

At Forwardme, we understand the global desire for quality U.S. pet products. That's why we provide our members with a physical address in the United States, enabling them to shop for their beloved furry friends without any limitations. If you're unsure about navigating U.S. online stores or need assistance with purchases, our Personal Shopper service is here to simplify the process for you. And the best part? We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive shipping rates in the market, ensuring that you not only get to shop for the best products but also the best prices.

In the ever-changing landscape of pet toys, it's essential to stay updated with the latest trends, especially when our furry friends' happiness is at stake. The US market, in particular, offers a plethora of innovative and tailored options that cater to our pets' diverse needs. As we navigate our ways in this dynamic world, let's prioritize the well-being and joy of our four-legged companions, ensuring they receive the best the industry has to offer.

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