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Buy refurbished electronics from the US

Buying refurbished items from the US to purchase them for cheaper. Article updated on Nov 3, 2022

Let's face it, electronics are not cheap. But there is a way to get your hands on the latest and greatest gadgets without breaking the bank. Shopping from US stores and shipping the items overseas is a great way to save money on electronics. You can easily shop for refurbished items from any US store and have them shipped to your doorstep.

What is a Refurbished Item?

Refurbished items are those that have been used and then returned to the store. The item might be a little bit used, but it will be like new. You can get the item at a fraction of the cost.

Why shop from US stores?

In general, electronics are cheaper in the US than they are in other parts of the world. This is because the US has a highly competitive market for electronics, and retailers are always looking for ways to undercut the competition. That means that shoppers can take advantage of great deals on everything from refurbished iPhones to any smartphones to laptops with a year warranty, limited warranty, or extended warranty depending on the item, not only Apple products, you can almost find every brand's certified refurbished products.
What's more, US retailers often offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. And, with improved delivery times, you can have your new purchase delivered right to your delivery address in just a matter of days. That's a far cry from having to wait weeks or even months for an item to arrive from overseas if you don’t know how to shop and ship from overseas!

How to save even more money on electronics?

One of the best ways to save money on electronics is to buy refurbished items. 

Buying refurbished items is a great way to get your hands on high-end electronics without spending a fortune. And, thanks to improved quality control standards, you can be confident that you're getting a quality product that will last for years to come. When shopping for refurbished items, be sure to check out reputable retailers like BackmarketAmazon RenewedBestBuy's Renewed ProgramApple’s Refurbished Products, and BH Photo Refurbished

Shipping costs can add up quickly when buying larger items like TVs or laptops, so be sure to factor that into your budget when shopping from US stores if you are not familiar with international shipments, and not using a good quality international shipper. Remember, you can always shop around for the best deal on shipping by using a service like Forwardme.

Forwardme is your shipping friend in the US that can help you shop and ship from the US. We offer two warehouses throughout the United States, including one tax-free warehouse, with consolidation and repacking services, cheap shipping rates, and great add-ons. Most importantly, we deliver to over 200 countries like Qatar, United Kingdom, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Denmark, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates! You can find your country to get a quote on your shipments too!

No matter where you live in the world, you can take advantage of buying refurbished electronics to save tons of money. You can easily buy refurbished items to ship them anywhere in the world, which means you don’t have to worry about "how to buy refurbished items in the US," as you now practically know everything you need to know about buying refurbished products from the US. Thanks to improved delivery times and free shipping offers from many retailers, you can have your new purchase delivered right to your doorstep in just a few days. And, if you're looking for even bigger savings, consider buying refurbished items that are available at a fraction of the cost of brand-new models.

Here are some FAQs;

How can I find the best deal on the items?

In order to buy new or refurbished products, you might need to chase deals and sales. This is completely normal, and you should chase them to get the best deal! In order to get the best deal, there are a couple of ways to go about it.

  1. The first option is to chase the sales/deals to shop. You can find lots of sales online from any US store!
  2. Secondly, you can use Promo Codes to get your order cheaper.
  3. Shop from the correct retailer. In order to shop, we strongly advise you to make research the market price of the item to make sure it is the lowest price.

With these tips, you can find the best deal to buy either brand-new electronic or refurbished products!

How can I save money on electronics by shopping from US stores?

Shopping from the United States will allow you to save money, due to cheaper prices, on top of these cheap prices you can save money on the Refurbished items that are being sold by only US stores, for example, Apple Refurbished is only available in the US, you can easily buy any item for much cheaper from the Original Apple website!

What is the best way to ship electronics overseas?

Most retailers in the US don’t offer overseas shipping, but you can bypass this situation by simply using a parcel forwarding service like Forwardme. Forwardme is your shipping friend in the US that will help you with your international shipping. 

Which retailers offer free shipping in the US?

Retailers thought the US offer free shipping, but most of them have a few rules on this free shipping. First of all, they want your shopping cart value to be high enough to qualify for free shipping; secondly, they might request that you buy certain products to qualify for free shipping. Most of the retailers that sell refurbished items offer free shipping. 

How can I use Forwardme?

Forwardme is your shipping friend in the US that can help you with your international and domestic shipments. Even though there are a lot of reasons to use Forwardme, a couple of them include: Insurance for your shipmentRepacking/Consolidationlife-saving add-onsPersonal Shopper service, and cheap shipping prices, of course! Forwardme offers two warehouses throughout the United States, one of which is in a tax-free state which allows you to avoid the sales tax on your every purchase, and you can use them as soon as you register. There are no membership fees, commitments, or hidden fees. You don't have to worry about how Forwardme works too! With Forwardme, getting a free US address is a baby toy now!

What is the difference between refurbished and used?

Refurbished units are somewhere between used and brand new. They might be resold goods that have been returned shortly after the sale or used items undergoing maintenance before resale.

Are refurbished items as good as new?

Yes, most of the time. Refurbished items are almost as good as new because they undergo maintenance before resale.

What's the difference between certified refurbished and refurbished?

A refurbished product is not the same as a used or open-box one. A certified refurbisher has tested a reconditioned device, whereas utilized or open-box goods may be sold without testing them first and even come with no guarantee.

Which payment method can I use to buy a refurbished phone/open-box electronics?

Depending on the website you are shopping at, payment methods may vary, but most of the websites in the US accept credit card payments, PayPal, and Apple Pay. Some of the websites even accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. We strongly recommend you check the payment methods on the website you are shopping on before you make the purchase. 

Does only refurbished items eligible on the Apple?

No, you can find almost every electronic item from Apple iPhone to Samsung Galaxy from the correct website on the internet. 

Is there a ‘money-back guarantee’ on refurbished items?

Money-back guarantee is decided by the merchant or retailer, but some brands have their money-back guarantee even if you buy outlet items. 

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